10 Relaxing Music I Found on Youtube that Helps Me to Focus and Concentrate

Looking for something to help you focus? Here's a list of 10 relaxing music on Youtube that you can listen to.

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Feeling Calm & Present

Do you feel that at certain moments, you feel alone; but yet you enjoy the loneliness and the unexplained calmness that comes with it.

It is a time for you to listen to relaxing music, feel aware, to feel present & to feel alive. You simply do not want to get distracted anymore by things that don’t really matter to you. It is also these times you find inspiration to do something that you really want to do or you make a decision on a matter that will change your life forever.

Did you recently lose someone or something dear to you? 

Sometimes, you simply just want to breathe and feel what you want to feel.

Or are you stressed by work and the perceived expectations that society lays on all of us.

What is Life to You?

Wake up. Rush to work. Have meetings. Rush back home. Sleep. Repeat.

The fast pace of life, along with the overwhelming amount of information for us to consume everyday impedes us from doing the things we really want to do. 

Write an article.

Take a walk in the sunset.

Cook a meal.


Catching up with loved ones and asking about their day

Even simple things like thinking and reflecting about life; some of us do not even have the time to focus and feel alive.

Are we just walking productivity robots?

We are not.

As humans, we need to slow down and enjoy the little moments of our lives.

Do you find it hard to focus and concentrate to complete the things you want to do?

Do you find it hard to even focus on thinking?

Here are some free relaxing music videos that I found on Youtube, which I find very useful in helping me to feel present, focus and concentrate. These Youtube music tracks designed for relaxing, focus and concentration do not have any lyrics. You do not have to spare additional mental load to try to understand anything.

You just listen. 

10 Relaxing Music

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #1

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #2

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #3

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #4

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #5

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #6

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #7

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #8

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #9

Relaxing Music for Focus & Attention #10

With white noise like bird chirping and raindrops in the background, these are perfect music to help you relax, focus and concentrate on just feeling present in the moment. 

Want to get things done? Just try listening to these music videos on your headphones. You will be surprised at how much more productive you can be when you focus.

However sometimes, music can only do so much. Remember to do things true to your heart and do not live a life that others expect out of you. Give yourself time to rest and recover. Allow yourself to waste time, to not do anything and simply just feel present in the moment.

If you ever need help, remember, it is just a call away.

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