Clay Crib

The Clay Crib is a home-grown clay earring shop helmed by 2 sisters.

An early childhood educator who pigmented, cut and buffed clay to make Polymer Clay Earrings as a hobby, Rachel’s artistic interest and inclination saw her turning what was once a leisurely past time into a well-loved side hustle.

Rachel and her sister work together from start to end to brainstorm clay designs, design earrings, and condition, sand, drill, assemble and market the product.

The “crib” in “The Clay Crib” symbolises a child’s bed which reflects the baby steps to be versatile in creating earring pieces suitable for different occasions and functions. Using quality clay, these handcrafted earrings are all sold in small batches, according to themes. The Clay Crib’s earrings elevate outfits and spark joy when worn.

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      4.2 4.2 out of 5 stars (based on 12 reviews)
      • Arni Sufeera
        2 Jun 2021
        i've purchased one of the batik elegance collection!! it is soso pretty😍😍😍The ear stud came out (i was not careful) but the seller was so kind too actually help too glue it back !!! Thank youu soo muchh ❤️❤️Looking forward tooo more collections 🥰🥰
      • Diana
        2 Jun 2021
        Bought the items two times already and its amazing! Come in a cute packaging and the item is well protected ✨ The price is very reasonable and it is so pretty 😍 Will absolutely buy it again!
      • Pauline tam
        2 Jun 2021
        each piece of her output depicts her passion, hardwork, love and devotion character.Enjoy her very personal services to each order irregardless of the amount.
      • Alice Tan
        2 Jun 2021
        Very exquisite amd sweet earrings! I get compliments for wearing them. Recommend ☺️👍🏻
      • Virginia Chan
        3 Jun 2021
        The earrings completes my look and it makes my outfit more lively. It is a stylish and elegant addition.
      • Joyceee
        3 Jun 2021
        Beautiful, original earrings. I use them so often and yet they do not rust or get damaged, truly a high quality product! I purchased a pair of dangles from the Blue Oceanic Collection and never felt so bold & confident whenever I wore them! I truly love the colours and artistic designs of the earrings and especially the affordability of them. I will definitely purchase again! 💕
      • SY
        3 Jun 2021
        Rachel has been a long time friend of mine and when I first saw her post on her DIY earrings, I was amazed at how detailed they were despite being so small. I decided to support one of her collections during CNY and I gotta say I really love that design a lot. Keep it up Rachel! 😊
      • Lu Ee
        4 Jun 2021
        The earrings from Clay Crib are very pretty, chic and versatile to match with any outfit and occasions.
      • Lay
        4 Jun 2021
        Rachel is truly a talented artist. We love her collections. I would buy at least an item in all her launches coz they are unique - so well handcrafted. They are dainty and beautiful too. So delighted to wear her pieces as I always receive lovely comments ftom friends. Looking forward to many more of her creative designs.
      • Felicia
        4 Jun 2021
        Rachel and her sister are super talented w the designs. They make such gorgeous earrings w one-of-a-kind designs. I usually wear it for date nights and dinner. Even my bf also compliments how gorgeous the earrings look. Definitely looking forward to more cute designs from her.
      • L lum
        4 Jun 2021
        I bought a few pairs of earrings from Rachel and looking forward to her future launches. The earrings are refined and detailed. Designs are unique and exclusive that you will not find anywhere else. 👍
      • rlee
        5 Jun 2021
        Bought 2 pairs so far. Have been wearing them often. Well designed n Easy to match with any outfit.
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