Simple CPF Calculator

We've all been there, it's the end of the month and it's time to process payroll. Theres a billion and one things to keep in mind for every employee, and we're here to help.

Let's start calculating

CPF Calculator designed to reduce the headaches of business owners

  • If the employee joined or left mid-month

Gross Salary
(Monthly salary including bonuses)

Total CPF Contribution

CPF (Employer)

CPF (Employee)

Skills Development Levy
(Payable by Employer)

Take Home Salary
(Minus CPF and Self Help Group Contributions)

Self Help Group Contribution
(Contributed by Employee)

Salary used in
CPF calculations

Employer CPF rate

Employee CPF rate

Additional Wage CeilingMax yearly CPF contributions by employer for bonuses

Total Cost to Employer



  1. CPF Rates By age CPF contribution rates and the factors affecting them
  2. CPF Contributions to Self help Groups donations to SHGs
  3. CPF Rates For PRs Allocation Rates for 1st and 2nd year PRs
  4. CPF Wage Ceilings CPF Contributions For Employees
  5. CPF for salary under $750 Paying CPF for total Salaries under $750


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