10 Best Ideas for Wedding Favours in Singapore To Wow Your Guests [2023]

Want to impress your guests at your wedding? Get the best ideas for wedding favours in Singapore here!

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It’s the special once-in-a-lifetime event where family and friends gather together to celebrate your matrimony. Whether there is Covid-19 around or not, weddings hold such significance to both the couple and the attendees!

To thank your esteemed guests for coming down, getting beautiful yet functional wedding favours will certainly be the cherry on top of your wedding ceremony. Here are our precious finds on the best wedding favours in Singapore!

1. Favor Table

best wedding favor in singapore_favor table
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Allows guests to pick on the spot their favourite wedding favours
– Can customise the favours table setup according to theme
Contact Number9477 5211
Email[email protected]

If your attendees have a wide mix of preferences, the services at Favors Table will ensure that every guest leaves with a wedding favour that is of their liking!

Favors Table offers a table set up with an assortment of wedding favours in Singapore for guests to choose from, with the table design also customisable according to your wedding theme.

From useful items like tote bags or notebooks to decorative pieces like succulents, rest assured that there’s something for everyone.

2. Simply Wedding Favours

10 best ideas for wedding favours in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Wide range of wedding favours to choose from
– Affordable price point
Address60 Kaki Bukit Pl, #02-13,
Singapore 415979
Contact Number9751 8831
Email[email protected]

For the fickle-minded couples who’re undecided on the type of wedding favours they want, browse through a good variety of gift choices from Simply Wedding Favours!

Their product range encompasses different categories, from health and beauty to dining ware, stationery, household items and more! For couples with a large group of wedding attendees, you can get some of their wedding favours at bulk prices, which helps to free up your budget for other wedding items. Do visit their page for more information!

3. HoneySpree

10 best ideas for wedding favours in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Have ready-made and customisable honey jars that can be personalised according to the wedding theme or couple names
– Caters to weddings, baby showers or corporate events
– Certain portion of sales proceeds goes to supporting stay-at-home mums
AddressThe Workshop @ AMK, 5008 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #04-09 Techplace II,
Singapore 569874
Contact Number8686 2990
Email[email protected]

Sweeten the blissful occasion with these aesthetic and beneficial honey jars for your wedding guests! Not only is it a presentable-looking gift, it possesses health benefits, making it especially fit for elderly guests who are more health-conscious.

You can pick from their variety of ready-made designs for a quicker process, or you can add personalised touches to the honey jars. From the design to adding quotes, phrases or messages, you can tweak it to make this gift exclusively special.

What’s more, a portion of their sales proceeds goes to stay-at-home mums who have helped with the packing of the honey jars. This makes this wedding favours in Singapore much more meaningful to get!

4. Favor Atelier

10 best ideas for wedding favours in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Provides customisation of wedding favour designs
– Best known for their floral tea wedding favours
Address920 Tiong Bahru Rd,
Singapore 158792
Contact Number9424 4520
Email[email protected]

As designers themselves, Favor Atelier takes pride in giving customers the freedom to personalise their wedding favours to their preferences. They also house their own special selections of ready-made designs for customers to pick from.

They are known for their floral tea, which is intricately designed and packed in their stylish wedding favour packaging. Other items offered at their store include cookies, chocolates, and candies.

5. Do Me A Favor

10 best ideas for wedding favours in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Founded since 2012
– Offers delectable wedding favours and gifts for celebratory occasions like birthdays, baby’s first month, graduation and more
Email[email protected]

Do Me A Favor’s presence since 2012 has graced many special occasions and weddings with their delectable gifts and wedding favours in Singapore.

Specialising mainly in sweet treats packed into delicately designed jars, their products range from honey to Nutella, jam, Hershey’s Kisses, Mentos and more. Their potion bottles are exceptionally adorable, with mini sunflower chocolates in these miniature vessels.

They also offer their door gifts for other occasions like birthdays, baby’s first month, graduations, farewells or even Christmas events.

6. A Love Knot

10 best ideas for wedding favours in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Worked with multiple big brands like Estee Lauder, NTU, Andaz Singapore and more
– Sells a wide range of handmade wedding favours that are customisable
Contact Number8185 5695
Email[email protected]

A Love Knot is a company that started their passion for making wedding favours in Singapore from scratch, after their initial struggle of pursuing suitable wedding favours for their own wedding.

Since then, they now have a wide array of lifestyle door gifts that serve both the functionality and aesthetics aspect. Wrapped in their beautiful vintage packaging that’s all handmade, it provides that sincere and special touch that makes their wedding favours especially attractive!

They have also worked with numerous big brands like Andaz Singapore, NTU, Singapore Airlines, Estee Lauder and more, showing their strong experience in the gifts industry.

7. Chocolate Anatomy

10 best ideas for wedding favours in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Dessert omakase-style box with seasonal flavours
– Customisable wedding favour dessert boxes
– Does not contain pork, gelatin or alcohol
Contact Number9372 4887
Email[email protected]

Chocolate lovers or guests with a sweet tooth will be overjoyed to receive these dessert omakase boxes from Chocolate Anatomy, a home-based bakery in Singapore with a knack for chocolate treats.

This bakery kickstarted with an innate love for chocolate, but soon expanded their baked goods to include other flavours, even allowing customisation for larger-scale events like birthdays or weddings.

From the flavours to packaging, the couple can personalise it accordingly. Their dessert omakase box allows customers to mix and match anything from their seasonal menu, which rotates monthly. Be sure to stay tuned to their socials for the latest flavour updates!

8. Garden Picks

10 best ideas for wedding favours in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Dried fruits and nuts company in Singapore
– Customers can choose to opt for their personalisation services or get their snacks wholesale
Address8A Admiralty Street #06-05 [email protected],
Singapore 757437
Contact Number6659 4859
Email[email protected]
Opening HoursMon – Sat:
9am – 5pm

At Garden Picks, they offer dried fruits and nut snacks for personal consumption, corporate events or large-scale functions like weddings.

They allow couples to choose from a variety of healthy snacks with various levels of customisation. They can start small with the most cost-effective option of buying them wholesale, which also gives the couple flexibility in terms of the packaging and mix of snacks in each pack.

If you’re looking to go fuss-free, go for their personalised packs favour which has it all packed neatly for you. You can also add a personalised message for that special touch of gratitiude!

Lastly, for the exclusive crew that has been helping with the wedding preparations, couples can get them a jar/tin favour which stores a larger amount of snacks and comes in reusable packaging!

9. Kindred Teas

10 best ideas for wedding favours in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Customisable tea blends for wedding favours
– Pop-up bar available for guests to curate their own tea blend
Address3 Soon Lee Street, #03-02 Pioneer Junction,
Singapore 627606
Email[email protected]

For wedding favours in Singapore that feel more luxurious, getting tea blends is one tea-rrific option. Kindred Teas is an artisanal tea brand with specially sourced tea leaves from around the world, aiming to bring like-minded tea lovers together in the tasting of these artisanal tea blends.

Couples can chose to curate their own unique tea blend beforehand for a more fuss-free experience, or let their guests go wild with their creations. They offer pop-up BIY (blend-it-yourself) tea bars at weddings as well, with over 9 different tea leaves for guests to choose to curate their own unique tea blend.

10. Whipped Love The Company

best wedding favour in singapore_whipped love the company
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Halal wedding favours are available
– Wide variety of wedding favour packages for different quantities
Email[email protected]

Muslim couples out there sourcing for wedding favours in Singapore will be delighted to find Whipped Love, specialising in Muslim-related wedding favour treats and gifts.

Apart from halal treats like cookies or Ajwa dates, they also designed their own potpourri wedding favours for the couple to pass to their relatives after the ceremony. There are other wedding favour options available as well, grouped in different packages for couples to browse through easily.


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