If thick and fudgy cookies or rich and buttery cookies are your thing, then you need to follow Bearilicious’ Instagram page, stat.

The name Bearilicious came about when home baker PZ, who operates the business with her husband let her 4 year old try a cookie she had baked. The child remarked “Bearilicious!”

It was meant to mean “Very delicious”. Now, the home baker churns out cookies that live up to the name, which has stuck ever since.

Bearilicious’ signature product is their Levain Dark Chocolate Cookies. Crisp on the outside, fudgy on the inside, it’s addictive and their best seller. We get it – it’s hard to beat a cookie with an attractive, dark brown colour that’s fully loaded with cocoa and semisweet dark chocolate couverture.

Moreover, this business does not scrimp in the kitchen. Quality is always on their mind. For one, the shop’s matcha cookies are baked using matcha powder from Matchaya, which PZ shares that it heightens and brightens the earthy flavour of the cookies.

Have we got you hungry for cookies? Bearilicious’ Instagram page is a click away and her order form is always open. See for yourself all the low sugar, delicious goodies the store has to offer.

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