10 Best Bak Chor Mee in Singapore to Satisfy Your Tastebuds [2021]

Because good food must share right? Here are the 10 best bak chor mee in Singapore you need to try!

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A direct Teochew translation of “minced meat and noodles”, Bak Chor Mee (肉脞面) is a uniquely Singaporean dish that typically comprises of mee pok or mee kia, minced pork, pork slices, stewed mushrooms, liver and pork lard.

The highlight of the dish; however, has got to be the chilli-vinegar sauce that is used to toss the noodles and give it that signature salty and tangy flavour.

A highly underrated dish as compared to Chicken Rice or Chilli Crab, the best bak chor mee in Singapore is highly debatable amongst foodies—but we have here 10 spots that have passed our test (and might just pass yours!)

1. My Father’s Minced Meat Noodles

best bak chor mee in singapore_my father's minced meat noodles
Source: Jason Ng on Burpple
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– MSG-free
– Tasty meatballs and QQ noodles
Address477 Tampines Street 43,
Singapore 520477
Contact Number
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday
6am – 8.45pm

Having taken over the stall from his father, Aaron is the humble and friendly chef helming My Father’s Minced Meat Noodles.

Exceptionally passionate and dedicated to the craft of making a stellar bowl of bak chor mee, reviews talk about the palatable soup, springy noodles and flavourful meatballs.

Many customers feel that the stall is highly underrated for its consistent quality and taste!

2. Li Yuan Mee Pok

best bak chor mee in singapore_li yuan mee pok
Source: Wei Tan
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Japanese fusion BCM
– Yummy dumplings soup
Address710 Clementi West Street 2,
Singapore 120710
Contact Number+65 8742 6540
Operating HoursClosed on Mondays

Tuesday – Sunday
8.30am – 3pm

For Bak Chor Mee with a Japanese twist, head over to Li Yuan Mee Pok for their Miso Mee Pok (Dry) or Char Siew Miso Mee Pok (Dry).

Despite being a fusion bak chor mee spot, it still retains many of the same elements that make a great BCM. Each bowl comes with minced meat, pork slices, pork meatballs, abalone mushroom slices, stewed mushrooms and plenty of pork lard!

Reviews talk about the appetizing char siew and fresh ingredients, generous portions and highly addictive sauce! Many customers also recommend trying the Teochew Dumplings Soup.

3. 58 Minced Meat Mee

best bak chor mee in singapore_58 minced meat mee
Source: Anne Tay on Burpple
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Only open 4 times a week
– Dumplings are handmade daily
Address58 New Upper Changi Rd, #01-151,
Singapore 461058
Contact Number
Operating HoursClosed on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

Not to be confused with the minced meat noodles at Bedok 85, 58 Minced Meat Mee is the place to go for soup-based BCM.

At just $4 for a large bowl, you get a hearty bowl filled with homemade meat dumplings, minced meat, crispy pork lard and topped with springs onions. The dumplings are handmade daily to maintain their freshness and their bowls are often sold out by the early afternoon, so head down early!

Reviews talk about the richness and intense flavours of the soup and juicy dumplings. The simplicity and freshness of the dish is definitely what makes it stand out even more.

4. Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

best bak chor mee in singapore_hill street tai hwa pork noodle
Source: Whatisdigesting 😋 on Burpple
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Awarded one Michelin star in 2016, 2017 & 2018
– Thicker noodles than usual
– Long waiting times due to popularity
– More expensive bowl of BCM (starting from $6)
Address466 Crawford Ln, #01-12,
Singapore 190466
Contact Number
Operating HoursClosed on Mondays

Tuesday – Sunday
9.30am – 9pm

As the oldest bak chor mee stall in Singapore with origins dating back as far as 1932, Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle is where you can get Michelin-worthy meals for under 10 bucks.

Because of the long queues, they operate using a queuing system where you take a queue number and line up accordingly. The biggest portion size comes at $10 where you get to tuck into a bowl of noodles dressed in chilli sambal, black vinegar, fish sauce and pork lard. There is also fried ti poh (fish sole) in the dish which gives it that extra burst of flavour.

Reviews talk about the quality bowl of noodles and ingredients that is perfectly complemented with meat that is cooked just right. The Kway Teow soup is also highly recommended.

Note: Those who don’t like to queue or wait for their food might want to try another spot.

5. Seng Huat Bak Chor Mee

best bak chor mee in singapore_seng huat bak chor mee
Source: Shaowei Ho on Burpple
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Open 24 hours daily
– Reliable spot for BCM
Address492 North Bridge Rd,
Singapore 188737
Contact Number
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday
24 hours

Open 24 hours, Seng Huat Mushroom Minced Meat is a popular supper spot for an affordable and hearty bowl of BCM.

Located just opposite Bugis Junction, the bak chor mee stall is found within the coffeeshop with plenty of seating available. This stall actually uses both tomato ketchup and mushroom sauce to flavour their noodles, and they also make their own fishballs for their Fishball Noodles.

Reviews talk about the satisfying bowl of BCM and the efficiency of the chef during peak periods. While they aren’t at the top of this list, it is a fool-proof option for satisfying any BCM cravings that hit at midnight.

6. Soon Heng Pork Noodles

best bak chor mee in singapore_soon heng pork noodles
Source: Terence Ong on Burpple
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– For soup-based bak chor mee
– 4 different noodle choices (mee pok, mee kia, mee tai mak and kway teow)
Address120 Neil Rd,
Singapore 088855
Contact Number+65 9792 8106
Operating HoursClosed on Sundays

Monday – Saturday
8am – 3pm

You no longer have to travel all the way to the east for “Bedok-style Bak Chor Mee”—just pop by Soon Heng Pork Noodles to tuck into a comforting bowl of meatballs, bak chor, wanton and a side of fried pork lard in a signature broth.

Owner and chef Andrew makes the wanton by hand and marinates his own bak chor every night. The broth is made by simmering pork bones overnight to give a full-bodied taste with a slight sweetness.

Reviews talk about the aromatic and palatable soup broth and generous minced meat that had a good chew to them. Some even claim that it tastes just as good as the top stalls in Bedok!

7. Yan Kee Noodle House

best bak chor mee in singapore_yan kee noodle house
Source: Cassie Ong on Burpple
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Known for their mee sua
– Spacious with air-conditioning
Address9 Circular Rd,
Singapore 049365
Contact Number
Operating HoursClosed on Sundays

Monday – Saturday
7am – 11pm

Open till late daily, Yan Kee Noodle House is best known for their bak chor mee and dry mee sua. The must-try is the Specialty Dry Mee Sua, Bak Chor Mee and the Handmade Fishball Noodles.

Customers can’t stop raving about the mee sua that weren’t soggy or overcooked. Many have also commented that the vinegar taste isn’t strong enough; but overall, a decent bowl of BCM with generous portions!

8. Da Sheng Minced Noodle

best bak chor mee in singapore_da sheng minced noodle
Source: Da Sheng Minced Pork Noodle
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Delicious wantons and fried chicken chop
– Housemade sambal chilli
AddressUbi Rd 1, Blk 3014,
Singapore 408702
Contact Number+65 9150 6877
Operating HoursClosed on Sundays

Monday – Friday
6.30am – 3pm

6.30am – 2pm

Established since 1997, Da Sheng is a familiar name online and well-loved offline for their Signature Mushroom Minced Pork Noodle ($5.50) and Fried Chicken Chop Noodle.

The signature comes with fried wantons, meatballs, braised mushrooms, minced pork and pork liver.

Reviews talk about the huge portions and sambal chilli that complements the ingredients well. Many customers also love the chicken chop that can be ordered as a side as well!

9. Teo Kee Mushroon Minced Pork Noodle

best bak chor mee in singapore_teo kee mushroom minced pork noodle
Source: Julius Lim on Burpple
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Known for their bak chor mee with pork ribs
– Unique sauce
Address137 Tampines St. 11, #01-05,
Singapore 522137
Contact Number+ 65 9780 4181
Operating HoursClosed on Mondays & Tuesday

Wednesday – Sunday

For BCM with premium ingredients, you can’t miss out on Teo Kee’s braised Pork Ribs Noodles ($3.50).

The pork ribs are braised in rich gravy for hours in order to absorb the juices and achieve its tenderness, and customers can order a set that comes with a pork rib, chicken mid-joint, chicken feet and an egg.

Reviews talk about the well-marinated and tender pork ribs and the tantalising sauce that is hard to pass by once you try it!

10. The Milky Way

best bak chor mee in singapore_the milky way
Source: Doreen Tan on Burpple
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Cafe that sells bak chor mee, waffles and ice cream
– Family-friendly
Address Blk 48 Tanglin Halt Rd, #01-333,
Singapore 142048
Contact Number+65 9827 6502
Operating HoursClosed on Mondays

Tuesday – Thursday
10am – 9pm

Friday & Saturday
10am – 10pm

10am – 9pm

The Milky Way first opened as a heartland cafe selling homemade waffles and ice cream. Today, the menu has expanded to include hawker favourites like Scissors Cut ($5.80), Fishmaw Beehoon and yes, Bak Chor Mee!

The Signature Noodles ($5.80) is served with pork balls, minced pork, fish dumplings, mock abalone and egg dip in pork broth. You can choose between yellow noodles or kway teow.

Reviews talk about the homely atmosphere that is great for gathering with family or friends. Customers also love the texture of the noodles and savoury soup base; and not to mention, the wide array of unique ice cream flavours to end the meal on a sweet note!


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