9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [2024]

Time to plug and play at a guitar lesson in Singapore.

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The guitar is perhaps one of the most versatile musical instruments around.

From a solo instrument, to accompanying singers or being part of a band, the guitar can be played by strumming chords or by plucking the strings to create soulful melodies.

Here’s a fun fact about learning to play the guitar: studies show that playing the guitar increases the amount of grey matter in the brain, resulting in improved memory power.

Looking for a guitar lesson in Singapore? In this post, we’ve gathered all the necessary details to compile a list of the 10 best guitar lessons in Singapore.

1. Alternate Tone

9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [[year]] 1
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Lessons are tailored to individual needs
– Four types of guitar lessons: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and ukelele
Address29B Seah Street (Level 3)
Singapore 188385
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 8115 9378
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
11.30 am – 9 pm

9.30 am – 5 pm

10.30 am – 6 pm
Online Reviews43 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 4.8 / 5.0 stars)

Alternate Tone adheres to the belief that there is no fixed way to learn.

Their instructors have meticulously designed the course in a structured manner that remains tailored and adapted to every student’s needs and goals.

There are four types of guitar lesson in Singapore at Alternate Tone:

  1. Acoustic guitar: Acoustic guitar is for those who aspire to play those catchy pop hits usually played on radio.
  2. Electric guitar: Electric guitar students will learn how to produce different types of sounds and tones, as well as using amps and pedals.
  3. Bass guitar: This course will allow you to explore a variety of chord melody repertoire, and be taught the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic bass line.
  4. Ukelele: This is for anyone who wishes to learn a simple musical instrument. Their ukulele course will cover various playing techniques, fingering, right posture, tab reading and explore a variety of genres and tempos.

2. TravelClef

9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [[year]] 2
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– More than 10 years of experience
– Over 250 private tutors across Singapore
– Helps you find a tutor within 24 hours
– Guitar teachers are well-qualified
Address1. Stadium
Stadium MRT Station, 3 Stadium Walk, #01-02/03
Singapore 397692

2. Crocodile House
3 Ubi Ave 3, #05-03B Crocodile House
Singapore 408857
Email (For Enquiry) https://www.guitarlessonsinsingapore.com/contact-us
Contact Number+65 8717 2113
Operating HoursMonday

Tuesday – Friday
3.30 pm – 7.30 pm

Saturday – Sunday
10 am – 6 pm
Online Reviews58 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.9 / 5.0 stars)
392 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)

Established in 2010, SG Guitar Music Agency (under TravelClef) is the leading music agency in Singapore.

Driven by their passion for music, they formed this agency with a simple aim – to help people learn the guitar through fun lessons.

With more than 250 private guitar teachers located across Singapore, they are able to recommend you a teacher that suits you within 24 hours.  

Their guitar teachers have a wealth of qualifications under their belt.

Some have been certified by the Associated Board of Royal School of Music ABRSM (Classical Guitar); others, by the Trinity College London TCL (Classical/Acoustic/Electric Guitar).

Others have Diplomas and Degrees certified by NAFA or LASALLE Singapore.

3. Studio72

9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [[year]] 3
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Unrestrictive nature of classes
– Guitar lessons are open to adults and kids
– Conveniently located at Boat Quay
– Tutors are musically trained and educated
Address24B Circular Rd
Singapore 049380
Email (For Enquiry) https://www.studio72.sg/connect-with-us/
Contact Number+65 9322 7272
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
12.30 pm – 9 pm

10 am – 7 pm

11 am – 8 pm
Online Reviews28 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 4.7 / 5.0 stars)

Studio72’s guitar lessons are best known for their unrestrictive nature.

The guitar lesson in Singapore encourages students to exercise more creativity in expressing their own music style and emotions.

Classes become more fun that way too.

Their guitar lessons are open to kids and adults in Singapore and are tailored to suit different skill levels.

Beginners will be introduced to basics like guitar anatomy, correct body posture, choosing and holding a pick, basic chords and more.

Located conveniently at Boat Quay, their music school offers an upscale, glam rock atmosphere that will make you feel like a pro.

Aside from top notch equipment and instruments, their experienced teachers are musically trained and educated.

4. Guitarworks

9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [[year]] 4
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Over 10 years of experience
– Has taught more than 350 students
– Helmed by a single instructor
– Free trial lesson with no strings attached
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 9755 8432
Operating HoursMonday – Thursday
10 am – 9 pm


Saturday – Sunday
10 am – 5 pm
Online Reviews94 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)
32 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 4.7 / 5.0 stars)

Established in 2010, Guitarworks started offering guitar lessons in Singapore from a humble beginning.

As of Jan 2021, they have taught over 350 students by a single guitar instructor, Teacher Alan.

Over the years, they have constantly tailored their lesson syllabus to accommodate more people with different learning needs.

At Guitarworks, they strive to make guitar lessons fun, engaging and stress free.

It brings Teacher Alan tremendous joy and satisfaction to see his students come for his guitar lessons and leave with a smile on their faces.

The best part of it all: you can also schedule a Free Trial Lesson with the guitar lesson in Singapore.

5. Hark Music

9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [[year]] 5
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Over 20 years of tutoring experience
– Start with mainstream pop songs
– Categorised plucking patterns into systematic progression for easier learning
Address & Operating Hourshttps://www.harkmusic.com/contact-us/
Contact Number+65 6333 0733
Online Reviews43 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.7 / 5.0 stars)
240 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 4.7 / 5.0 stars)

“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart.”

This adage embodies founders Mr. Amos Teo and Ms Yoong Xin Yun’s lifelong passion for music.

In 1999, it was this same passion that spurred them to establish Hark Music.

At Hark Music, they don’t believe you need to start with kiddy songs or traditional folk songs (if you are not into them), just because they are easy for a beginner.

You start to learn how to play the mainstream pop songs or any songs that you like!

Not sure of which rhythm patterns you should apply to a song?

No worries, Hark Music has also categorised tons of strumming or plucking patterns in a systematic progression for you.

Each pattern consists of several variations where you can improvise them dynamically.

They will also associate them with pop song examples.

6. Absolutely In-Tuned

9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [[year]] 6
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Close to 15 years of experience
– Heavily focused on guitar techniques
– Teachers possess certifications from renowned educational institutions worldwide
– Full refund within 30 days if unsatisfied
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 8168 8251
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
10.30 am – 9.30 pm

Saturday – Sunday
10.30 am – 6 pm
Online Reviews2 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)

Absolutely In-Tuned is an established music agency providing home-based lessons for many households in Singapore.

Since 2007, they have been helping parents, children, teenagers and adult music enthusiasts fulfill their musical dreams.

The guitar lesson in Singapore is heavily focused on guitar techniques.

They hold four courses revolving around guitar techniques for guitar players:

  1. Guitar Plucking
  2. Guitar Tabs
  3. Guitar Rifts
  4. Guitar Strumming

Their music teachers possess music diplomas and degrees from world-renowned institutions across the globe.

If they are unable to find you a great music teacher who suits you within 30 days, you will get a full refund for any lessons paid.

7. Stradivari Strings

9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [[year]] 7
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Acoustic guitar, classical guitar classes, electric guitar classes, bass guitar classes
– Structured guitar lessons for beginners
– Leisure route or examination route for kids
Address#02-23 Sultan Plaza 100 Jalan Sultan
Singapore 199001
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 9813 7769
Online Reviews136 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.7 / 5.0 stars)
37 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)

Stradivari Strings offers the following guitar lessons in Singapore:

  1. Acoustic guitar lessons
  2. Classical guitar classes for beginners
  3. Electric guitar classes
  4. Bass guitar classes for beginners

Their beginner guitar lessons are structured so that you are taught the correct playing techniques while giving you the choice to select the playing style which you wish to master.

The initial focus will be to learn the proper posture for guitar playing and basic tuning skills.

Next, basic chords are introduced and playing techniques including different styles of strumming and plucking patterns are taught.

These are taught in both kids guitar lessons and adult guitar lessons.

Guitar lessons for kids and adults can be conducted at their music studio at Sultan Plaza, at your home or at your teacher’s place.

They can structure kids guitar lessons on a leisure route, or the ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall examination route.

8. Fingerstyle Academy

9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [[year]] 8
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Singapore’s first fingerstyle guitar school
– Instructors are well certified to help you pass relevant examinations like ABRSM
– Group classes only cost S$40 per lesson
AddressBlock 154, Bishan St 13 #07-14
Singapore 570154
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 9636 9202
Operating HoursDaily
9 am – 10 pm
Online Reviews2 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)
2 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)

Fingerstyle Academy is Singapore’s first fingerstyle guitar focused school.

Fingerstyle guitar does not just mean playing the guitar with your fingers.

It is about separating the elements in music such as the melody, bass, chords, accompaniment, percussion and combining them all into one playing technique.

Their lessons are not targeted at taking graded examinations, because they believe fingerstyle guitar is too diverse to stick to a structured grading system!

But if you are interested in taking graded examinations, their instructors are certified and well equipped to help you ace them.

They cover the following institutions: London College of Music, Trinity College London, Rockschool, and ABSRM Music Theory.

Our recommendation is to go for their Group Classes, which only cost S$40 per lesson.

This group setting brings together 2-3 students for a 1 hour lesson.

Guitar lesson students are grouped according to their skill level and song preferences.

9. Ossia Music School

9 Best Guitar Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Play the Guitar [[year]] 9
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Explore different music genres
– Learn about the guitar’s rich history
– All guitar lessons are individual lessons
– ABSRM graded examinations available
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 6469 5963
Online ReviewsUBTS Academy Branch
121 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)
521 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)

At Ossia Music School, students will receive comprehensive training in a variety of playing techniques as you explore different musical genres including Spanish, Folk and Jazz.

You will also get to grips with orchestral concertos and classical solos.

What’s more, you will learn about the instrument’s rich and varied history as you understand more about the wealth of classical guitar literature through some of the world’s greatest composers of the likes of Villa-Lobos, Roussel and Paganini.

All guitar lessons are individual lessons, with 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes lessons available.

You will be able to explore different genres including Spanish, Folk and Jazz.

There are also ABRSM graded examinations available.


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