10 Best Science Tuition in Singapore To Ace Your Child’s PSLE and O’Levels [2022]

Give your child a competitive edge in school with the best science tuition in Singapore.

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Last Updated on January 11th, 2022


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It goes without a doubt that modern-day Singaporean parents take tuition seriously, as much so as finding the best schools in the country for their children.

With Singapore boasting one of the best educational infrastructures and curriculums, it becomes almost instinctive for parents to push their children to stay ahead of their peers.

And what’s one of the toughest subjects to master during a child’s preadolescent days? For a start, science would definitely be one of them.

For the kiasu parents who are on the hunt for the best science tuition in Singapore, you’ve come to the right page. Scroll down to discover our top finds!

1. Smart Lab Education Centre

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Established tuition centre that has been around for over 15 years
– Has their own science laboratory
– SLAM (SmartLab Answers on Mobile) programme
AddressBlk 818 Woodlands Street 82, #01-419, 730818
Contact NumberVarious phone numbers and email addresses at their locations shown here
Email Various phone numbers and email addresses at their locations shown here
Online Reviews22 Google Reviews (Average rating: 4.6/5.0 stars)

Being in the education industry for over 15 years with proven track records of their students’ success here, Smart Lab is one of the go-to places for science tuition in Singapore.

They house their very own science laboratory at their Bishan outlet, holiday workshops to get students’ study momentum going during their breaks and even a Whatsapp-based programme designed for tech-savvy students.

Termed as the SLAM programme (SmartLab Answers on Mobile), this allows students to send their questions via Whatsapp and receive responses instantaneously.

This is definitely a handy tool to sign up for, especially during the Covid-19 situation where minimizing physical contact is absolutely necessary!

2. EduFirst Learning Centre

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Featured on The Straits Times multiple times
– Good amount of locations
– 1 free e-lesson trial available
AddressVarious locations can be found here
Contact Number9106 7716
Email [email protected]
Online Reviews54 Google Reviews (Average rating: 4.8/5.0 stars)

EduFirst is an MOE registered learning centre that has been established since 2014. With more than 10 branches islandwide, their brand is easily found in heartland areas, making it easily accessible to the public.

This centre is also well recognised, being featured by various notable papers such as AsiaOne, Parents World and even The Straits Times on a few occasions.

On top of that, they are having a free trial promotion for their online classes – learn more about it here!

3. The Pique Lab

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Equipped with proven teaching methodology
– Over 80% distinction rate for their 10,809 students
– Has own free web portal and community group
AddressSerene Centre Campus:
10 Jalan Serene #02-20, 258748

Crown Centre Campus:
557 Bukit Timah Road, #01-06/07, Singapore 269694
Contact Number8621 1533
Email [email protected]
Online Reviews186 Google Reviews (Average rating: 4.8/5.0 stars)

Through The Pique Lab’s Complete Concept Integration (CCI) methodology that is specially formulated by their in-house team, it has shown remarkable results through their students’ scores and raving reviews.

Their strategy is to equip children with the skills and thought processes of the examiners themselves, thereby better preparing them for tackling exam questions.

In addition, they have their own learning portal that is literally a treasure chest of science learning materials and exclusive deals.

Not only are they one of the best places to receive science tuition in Singapore, but they also have a parent support group to bring parents together and share tips on parenthood.

4. Miracle Learning Centre

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Covers Maths and Science tuition from primary, secondary to JC level
– Ex-MOE teachers with small class sizes
Address144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01, Beauty World Centre, 588177
Contact Number8128 6089
Email [email protected]
Online Reviews124 Google Reviews (Average rating: 5.0/5.0 stars)

Miracle Learning Centre strives to bring miracles to its student’s academics, through its team of seasoned ex-MOE teachers.

At here, one can receive mathematics or science tuition in Singapore, ranging from primary to JC level.

Class sizes are also kept to the minimum which ensures a healthy teacher to student ratio, thereby creating a more conducive and focused studying environment for your child.

5. Bright Culture

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Featured on The Straits Times
– Specialises in O’levels chemistry tuition
Address183B Thomson Rd, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307628
Contact Number9187 0820
Email [email protected]
Online Reviews70 Google Reviews (Average rating: 4.9/5.0 stars)

Bright Culture is one of the rare science tuition in Singapore that specialises in O’levels Chemistry specifically.

Their F.A.S.T. method that teaches children how to answer exam questions has supposedly helped 93.5% of their students improve their Chemistry by up to 4 grades!

As seen on notable media sites such as The Straits Times, The Smart Local and the testimonials from students, their impressive teaching abilities are certainly one to behold.

6. Miss Chen’s Science Tuition

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Over 20 years of combined teaching experience in O’levels and A’levels science
– 70%-80% distinction rate for both O’levels and A’levels
AddressAng Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-2124 Block 347, Singapore 560347
Contact Number9788 6170
Email [email protected]
Online Reviews65 Google Reviews (Average rating: 4.9/5.0 stars)

With over 20 years of combined experience in teaching O’levels and A’levels Science, both Miss Chen and Miss Leong are definitely well-versed with the MOE examination system and the common pitfalls to avoid in the papers.

For Miss Chen, her main expertise lies in chemistry and biology with 70% to 80% of her students obtaining distinctions during their exams.

On the other hand, Miss Leong is a full-time physics tutor with about 70% of her students getting distinctions in their O’levels and A’levels.

7. Future Academy

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Offers online interactive tuition
– Well-trained teachers with strong qualifications and credentials
AddressBugis Branch:
175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square, Singapore 189650

Beauty World Branch:
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #15-04, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179
Contact Number6884 6566
Email [email protected]
Online Reviews21 Google Reviews (Average rating: 5.0/5.0 stars)

The teachers here at Future Academy possess strong credentials, with most of them having teaching experience from MOE/IP schools and some even being Olympiad gold medalist coaches.

With such qualified professionals, parents can be rest assured that their children are receiving the best possible science tuition in Singapore yet.

Jumping onto the online bandwagon even before Covid-19, they have started introducing online interactive tuition with engaging features that’s more than just a typical Zoom video call.

8. Science Edventure Education Centre

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Specialises in teaching primary and secondary school science
– Strong focus on activity-based science learning
Address269 Bishan Street 24, #B1-192, Singapore 570269
Contact Number6456 3242
Email [email protected]
Online Reviews11 Google Reviews (Average rating: 5.0/5.0 stars)

As the name suggests, Science Edventure Education Centre sure makes it sound like a fun place for science tuition in Singapore.

They do really live up to their name, with a heavy emphasis placed on activity-based learning by incorporating experiments and real-life scenarios into their lessons. With that, this approach gives a good balance of both learning and fun!

9. eduKate Yishun English Math and Science Tutor Tuition Centre

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– Tuition centre that teaches the core subjects such as English, Maths and Science
– Holistic approach to tutoring students
– Accessible locations
AddressVarious locations can be found here
Contact Number8823 1234
Email [email protected]
Online Reviews23 Google Reviews (Average rating: 4.5/5.0 stars)

At eduKate Singapore, this centre pools together top-quality teaching professionals from local universities to teach mainly English, Maths and Science tuition in Singapore.

Their belief in nurturing a child’s life skills is what sets them apart, as they take a holistic approach that ties in seamlessly with academic learning.

Located conveniently within heartland areas such as Yishun, Punggol and Orchard, this makes it easy for parents to bring their children to and fro.

10. Samuel Math and Science Tuition

10 best science tuition in singapore
Type of InformationDetails
Highlights to Note– NUS Valedictorian, majoring in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Technopreneurship
– Tutor, author and editor of Math and Science books
Address509A Yishun Ave 4, Singapore 761509
Contact Number9177 5074
Email [email protected]
Online Reviews23 Google Reviews (Average rating: 5.0/5.0 stars)

At the end of our list, we have Samuel Math and Science Tuition, a modest tuition centre nestled within the Yishun area.

Starting from humble beginnings as a neighbourhood school student has not hindered Samuel from pursuing a Degree in NUS, emerging at the top of his cohort as a valedictorian. He has also received the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal, alongside other awards here.

Samuel is an author and editor for several Math and Science books, on top of his tutoring duties. He also has his own blog where he shares his study guide with his viewers!


No matter what your children aspire to become, education is a useful stepping stone to discovering their potential and tuition becomes that extra leverage for them to pursue higher excellence in their studies.

While mastering their Science, another key subject that goes hand in hand with it is Mathematics. Take a look at our list of the best math tuition in Singapore in the meantime!

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