11 Best English Tuition in Singapore to Increase Your Confidence in the Language [2024]

Think exam week is your doomsday? Fret not as we're here to help you.

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10 Best English Tuition in Singapore
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We all know that examinations can be really stressful, especially if you’re not good at the subject.

To progress from an underperformer to a stellar student who aces the examinations with flying colours takes time, effort and understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses in the subject.

If you’re one of those students who find the English subject tough to manage, check out the list of the 11 Best English Tuition in Singapore to help you gain confidence in the subject.

1. EduEdge English Specialists

11 Best English Tuition in Singapore to Increase Your Confidence in the Language [[year]] 1
Source: EduEdge
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Key Features– Have helped over 2,100+ Students from over 120+ schools improved and achieved their Bs and As from their initial Cs & Ds
– Special formulas to help students learn English easier, faster and more effectively than the old conventional ways
– Vibrant and conducive environment to learn
– Praiseworthy for its co-teaching system
Location301 Serangoon Ave 2,
Singapore 550301
9797 6581
Opening HoursMon, Wed & Fri:
4pm – 9pm

Tues & Thur:

Sat & Sun:
9am – 5pm
Online Ratings/ Reviews344 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.9 / 5.0 stars) 

Claiming to be Singapore’s first and only English Language Specialist With The ‘Formula-Style’ Method of Learning English, EduEdge English Specialists is an academy that has helped over 2,100+ students from over 120+ schools improved and achieved their Bs and As for English.

A trustworthy and reputable English tuition partner with a solid track record, the classes at EduEdge English Specialists are praiseworthy for its adoption of a co-teaching system where every class will have one lead teacher who is the main facilitator for the lesson, as well as one or two more additional co-teachers, hence ensuring that the students’ learning queries are promptly addressed.

2. Augustine’s English Classes

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Key Features– Play-based learning approach that makes lessons effective yet fun and engaging
– Praised by parents and students for their professionalism, delivery options and expertise
– Highly competitive and affordable pricing
Location86 Marine Parade Central, #04-302,
Singapore 440086
6966 2130
Opening HoursMon – Fri:
3pm – 10pm

Sat & Sun:
Online Ratings/ Reviews12 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.3 / 5.0 stars) 

Highly recommend to all parents who want high-quality enrichment classes for their children, Augustine’s English Classes offers English lessons at highly competitive and affordable pricing.

Augustine’s English Classes has helped many students feel confident and supported in their learning through their play-based learning approach, resulting in positive reports and feedback from their respective primary and secondary schools.

3. DO Applied Learning (Marine Parade)

11 Best English Tuition in Singapore to Increase Your Confidence in the Language [[year]] 2
Source: DoAppliedLearning Singapore
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Key Features– ONLY English Education Programme that operates on a Pay-Only-If-Your-Child- Improves basis
– Has achieved 90% average improvement of 2 grades for all students
– Have impacted 1870+ student lives
Location86 Marine Parade Central, #04-302,
Singapore 440086
9105 0593
Opening HoursDaily
12pm – 10pm
Online Ratings/ Reviews25 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars) 

A tuition centre that has helped many students won various awards at many levels, DO Applied Learning is the only English tuition centre that offers a ‘Pay Only If Your Child Improves’ Programme in Singapore.

Having achieved 90% average improvement of 2 grades for all students, DO Applied Learning attributes the success of their students to the “Results Through Values” approach, which has proven to be unique but effective.

4. The Learning Board

best english tuition in singapore_the learning board
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Key Features– SMART Sheets & Thematic Questions
– Every 9 of their 10 students scored an A in their exams
– 9 years of teaching experience
– Qualified Teachers & ​Lively Delivery Style
– Positive Reassurance & Character Coaching
Location16 Jln Masjid, #01-06,
Singapore 418941
9271 0648
Opening HoursDaily
10am – 10pm
Online Ratings/ Reviews9 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars) 

At The Learning Board, the teachers believe that both progress and grades are important in a student’s journey to success. Hence, students are constantly provided positive reassurance and character coaching to motivate and guide them to the A-star level.

Highly recommended by satisfied parents and students, every student at The Learning Board can be assured that their tutors will understand and work with you through your needs, strengths and weaknesses to bring out the avid learner in you.

5. Tutor City

11 Best English Tuition in Singapore to Increase Your Confidence in the Language [[year]] 3

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Key Features– Provides a list of suitable private tutors for your consideration very quickly
– Praised and highly recommended by past students and parents for the responsiveness and good recommendations of teachers
– Very proficient and excellent tutors from a 20,000+ Tutor Database
LocationProxima@Gambas, 50 Gambas Cres,
Singapore 757022
9067 2547

[email protected]
Online Ratings/ Reviews215 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.8 / 5.0 stars) 

If you do not enjoy a learning environment in a group setting, then perhaps private tuition where you can seek 1-to-1 guidance from your tutor is a better choice for you.

A reliable and highly-rated private tuition agency that has helped many students find suitable and excellent English tutors since 2010, Tutor City recommends only certified English tuition teachers from a pool of over 20,000 tutor databases.

Affordable, efficient and effective, Tutor City is the perfect place to look for a reliable and trusted English tutor to help you do well in the English subject.

6. Creative Campus

Creative Campus
Type of informationDetails
Key Features– 5000+ Students Enriched Since 2011
– 100% Pass Rates, with 60-80% Distinctions
– 25+ Years of Educational Experience
Location545 Orchard Rd, #14-07/08
Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore 238882

80 Marine Parade Rd, #14-06
Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
8850 2499
Opening HoursThis varies, depending on class schedules

Creative Campus is a dynamic English enrichment centre where they believe in empowering children with tools and strategies to excel in today’s demanding world while ensuring learning remains a joyful endeavour.

They foster self-belief and pride in their students’ work, offering them an inspiring oasis to learn with latitude. Their dedicated and experienced team of teachers, led by the pioneering founders Ms. Geraldine Chew and Mrs. Elizabeth Yeo, brings passion and extensive knowledge of the English language, coupled with a unique in-house curriculum that emphasises critical thinking and real-world application.

Each child benefits from their small class sizes, receiving personalised guidance to strengthen their unique abilities and overcome challenges. At Creative Campus, they are committed to nurturing both academic excellence and a lifelong love for English as a vital life skill.

7. The Academic Workshop

11 Best English Tuition in Singapore to Increase Your Confidence in the Language [[year]] 4
Type of informationDetails
Key Features– Extraordinary teachers who are dedicated and enthusiastic in teaching
– Provides great ideas while giving students opportunities to open up and share their writing skills
– Fun, enjoyable and effective lessons
Location10 Winstedt Rd, #01-01
Singapore 227977
6733 5447

[email protected]
Opening HoursMon – Wed:
9am – 8pm

1pm – 8pm

9am – 3pm

9am – 4.30pm

Online Ratings/ Reviews30 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.7 / 5.0 stars) 

With a strong belief that there is no “one size fits all” approach to teaching, the team of teachers at The Academic Workshop always ensure that they are open for consultations with their students to help them clarify their doubts.

Known to be super fun and enthusiastic when teaching, the teachers regard themselves as classroom teachers and mentors and friends whom students can find approachable and friendly to seek help from.

8. Ace English Tutor

best english tuition in singapore_ace english academy
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Key Features– Has 15 years of experience as an English Teacher in top MOE schools like Bukit Panjang Government High School and River Valley High School
– Works with students by targeting their weaknesses with relevant teachings and comprehensive materials
– Patient and systematic teaching approach
– Very clear and concise notes
Location118 Bukit Batok West Ave 6,
Singapore 650118
9757 8406

[email protected]
Opening HoursMon – Fri:
3pm – 9pm

9am – 6pm

10am – 1pm
Online Ratings/ Reviews23 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.8 / 5.0 stars) 

One who never gives up on her students even if they have a weak foundation, Mdm Teoh is a very devoted English teacher who puts a lot of effort into every student’s performance.

Extremely detailed in her explanations and catered to the students’ English interests, you can be assured that Mdm Teoh will do her best to work with you on your weaknesses to improve your overall language standards.

9. Ms Usha, Thiyaga (Private English Tutor)

11 Best English Tuition in Singapore to Increase Your Confidence in the Language [[year]] 5
Type of informationDetails
Key Features– 16 years of English Tuition experience with both primary and secondary students
– Ex-MOE school English Teacher
– Has previously taught the English Language in many premier tuition centres such as Just Education and Mind Stretcher
– Accelerated learning progress
Location512 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #10-2510,
Singapore 560512

[email protected]
Online Ratings/ Reviews17 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars) 

An Ex-MOE school English teacher who has 16 years of English Tuition experience under her belt with both primary and secondary students, Ms Usha offers intensive and targeted English coaching through various tools to engage and enrich her students.

Having also previously taught English in many other premier tuition centres such as Just Education and Mind Stretcher, Ms Usha knows just the way to encourage and motivate her students to make their learning positive and productive.

10. EduKate Punggol Tutors

11 Best English Tuition in Singapore to Increase Your Confidence in the Language [[year]] 6
Type of informationDetails
Key Features– Small group tuition of 3 pax (max)
– Schedules are tailored to working parents and takes into consideration the CCA timings of students
– Tutors who are highly motivated, intelligent, educated individuals from diverse backgrounds with many years of experience
Location83 Punggol Central,
Singapore 828761
8823 1234
Opening HoursMon – Fri:
3pm – 9pm

Sat & Sun:
9am – 6pm
Online Ratings/ Reviews98 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars) 

A tuition centre that provides customised English classes in small groups to students, EduKate Punggol Tutors consists of a team of highly motivated and intelligent tutors who has many years of experience under their belts in guiding childrens’ intellectual growth and stimulating their grey matter to attain excellent results in their English exams.

Other than their physical classes, EduKate Punggol Tutors is also highly recommended by both students and parents alike for their easy-to-understand and effective online tuition.

11. Learners Exploratorium

11 Best English Tuition in Singapore to Increase Your Confidence in the Language [[year]] 7
Source: Glints
Type of informationDetails
Key Features– Conducive learning environment in small class groups
– Individual focused learning
– Simplified concepts based on MOE syllabus to make learning fun
– Build confidence in learning
Location13 Haig Rd, #01-153,
Singapore 430013
8320 2160
Opening HoursMon – Fri:
1.30pm – 9pm

Sat & Sun:
10.30am – 5.30pm
Online Ratings/ Reviews8 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars) 

Comprising a team of teachers who empathise with and seek to customise the individual students’ learning needs, Learners Exploratorium helps students understand concepts that they severely lack through focused small group learning.

Spacious and conducive to learning, the tuition centre is definitely ideal for students’ growth in their academic pursuits and personal development.

FAQs: Best English Tuition

Is English tuition necessary for primary and secondary school students?

English tuition is not universally necessary but can be beneficial for students struggling with the language or aiming for advanced proficiency.

What are the benefits of English tuition in Singapore?

Benefits include personalized attention, improved language skills, enhanced exam performance, and increased confidence in English communication.

What are the different types of English tuition available in Singapore?

Types include one-on-one private lessons, group classes, online tutoring, and specialized courses for exams or specific skill development.

How do I choose the best English tuition in Singapore?

Consider factors like tutor qualifications, teaching methods, student reviews, location, class size, and cost to choose the best English tuition for your child.

Is online English tuition a good option?

Online English tuition can be a good option, offering flexibility, accessibility, and often a variety of resources, but it may not suit everyone’s learning style.

How much does English tuition in Singapore cost?

Costs vary widely, ranging from SGD 20 to SGD 100 per hour, depending on factors like tutor qualifications, class format, and course content.

What are the qualifications of English tutors in Singapore?

Qualifications may include a bachelor’s or master’s degree in English or Education, teaching certifications, and experience in tutoring or classroom teaching. Do ask the centre or tutor for relevant experience and qualifications before engaging in the service.

Best English Tuition Conclusion

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While SBO is committed to supporting our local businesses, we welcome any feedback and anonymous sharing regarding your experience with the listed English tuition in Singapore.

We hope that this guide will be useful in helping you find the best English tuition in Singapore to help you build your confidence in the subject. In fact, we have other tuition guides specific for Math tuition, Science tuition and even Chinese tuition to help you make the best choice for your education needs!

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