10 Best Math Tuition in Singapore to Help You Ace Your Math Exams [2021]

Ace your Math tests and quizzes with greater confidence and ease with the 10 best Math Tuition in Singapore.

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According to the 2019 edition of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (Timss) that tests students at the Primary 4 and Secondary 2 levels, Singapore has once again topped the charts across all categories in the study for the 3rd time.

Even as many students in Singapore continue to do very well in mathematics and science by international standards, there will still be students out there who struggles with the subject. Hence, in this post, we have gathered the 10 Best Math Tuition in Singapore to help you ace your Math tests and quizzes with greater confidence and ease.

1. IB Math Tuition

10 Best Math Tuition in Singapore

A niche tuition centre that specialises in teaching IB and IGCSE students, IB super offers small group and one-to-one style of teaching to cater to every unique individual’s needs. If you are looking for friendly and personalised teaching styles, then IB super is one you should consider.

Type of informationDetails
Highlights– Offers small group, one-to-one IB Tuition and IGCSE Tuition
– Personal and friendly approach
– Approach each topic with real-life examples, so you can understand the use of every topic you grasp
– Certified and caring tutors
– Customises homework packages to suit individual needs
Website https://ibsuper.com.sg/
Address190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Centre #05-27 Singapore 239924
Contact DetailsTel: 98198928
Email: [email protected]
Achievements / Online Reviews / TestimonialsGoogle Ratings: 5 / 5

Testimonials / reviews:
 “I have attended math tuition at IB Super for almost 2 years, classes are enjoyable and productive with a range of resources and past papers given to students. Ms. Bel caters to the students needs, conducting detailed topic recaps, end of topic tests and guidance with homework and assignments. Through my time at IB Super, as well as Ms. Bel’s patience and motivation towards my learning, I have been able to improve my grades by 2 levels in my final SL Math exam. Thank you so much!” – Kaena

“Ms Bel has taught me mathematics since Year 3 of my IB journey and has helped me build a solid foundation the subject. She provides good and challenging questions to practice. The notes she gives for each topic are concise and efficient for revising. I would highly recommend Ms Bel and IB Super for those struggling in maths!” – Gwen Neo

“Ms Bel is a very caring teacher. She is very thorough with her teaching and tailors to her students’ individual learning styles. Ms Bel also provides very comprehensive resources and explains difficult concepts in ways her students can easily understand. In Economics, for instance, she often uses real-life examples that are relevant to the student (e.g. using specific markets in Singapore to explain concepts to a Singaporean student). Furthermore, Ms Bel recruits only the best tutors to be part of her team, and maintains a fairly flexible schedule which can be really helpful for students with multiple commitments. Although I only joined IB Super a couple of months before my final IB exams, it has greatly helped me to understand content and build confidence, and I managed to achieve a Level 7 in Economics.” – Bryan H.

2. Ace Physics and Maths (APM) Tuition

Founded by Mr Lewis Ng in 2017 with the intend of focusing on JC Math and Physics, APM Tuition started off with one-to-one tuition before growing into small tuition groups and eventually reaching out to Secondary and PSLE Math tuition.

Nominated as one of the best private tuition in Woodlands in 2018 and 2019, APM Tuition is definietely one of the 10 Best Math Tuition in Singapore to look out for, having achieved such an amazing feat within the span of 3 years for such a young tuition centre.

Type of informationDetails
Highlights – Small groups of 6 students or less
– Well versed in all syllabus ranging from PSLE, O Level, IB, IP, IGSCE to A Levels
– Excellent track records of improving students’ grades (see testimonial)
Website http://apmtuition.com/
Address 15A Woodlands Ave 6
Contact Details Tel (Whatsapp): 9836 4183
Achievements / Online Reviews / Testimonials – Rated as the 2018 & 2019 Top 3 Tuition Centres in Woodlands
– Testimonials: http://apmtuition.com/testimonials/
– Google Ratings: 5/5

3. Miracle Learning Centre

A team comprising of well-trained former school teachers, Miracle is set up to help students learn better and faster by providing an easy to understand explanation of concepts with good application techniques.

Not only are the founders themselves graduates of prestigious schools in Singapore, they have also taught and passed down their knowledge to their 2 sons well – one of them having achieved the Platinium award for SMOPS (Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools) and Gold award for SMO (Junior Section), while the other son is from the GEP (Gifted Education Program).

Hence, parents can be assured that their children will be taught and taken care well of under the wings of the 2 remarkable founders and experienced teachers in Miracle Learning Centre.

Type of informationDetails
Highlights– Specialist in Maths, Chemistry and Physics tuition for Primary, Secondary and JC
– Able to spend less time on learning, grasp the salient points and answer your queries
– Small class group tuition setting
– Abundant worksheets and other study resources for the students.
– Reinforce students’ understanding by going through customised worksheets.
– Team made up of well-trained and passionate former school teachers
– Conveniently located in Bukit Timah, Beauty World Centre next to Beauty World MRT.
Website https://miraclelearningcentre.com/
Address144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01, Beauty World Centre, 588177
Contact DetailsCall: 81286089 / 64638756
Whatsapp: 81288342 / 98399908
Email: [email protected]
Achievements / Online Reviews / Testimonials– Google Ratings: 5 / 5
– Testimonials:
“Mr Yang is a very dedicated teacher who never fails to answer our questions comprehensively and his lessons have enabled us to learn chemistry in such a way that it increases our understanding in a fun way. I have improved remarkably in chemistry by attending his lessons and would no doubt recommend him to any JC students who wants to do well for H2 Chemsitry!” – Ivan (Hwa Chong Institution)

“Thank you Mdm Song for teach me for nearly 3years! You have been a great teacher and have helped me improve my grades. I am very grateful and hope to score well in PSLE. Thank you!” – Lee Jun Jie (Henry Park Pri School), A* for PSLE Maths and Science

“Mr Tan is very direct and to the point. He makes the lesson very engaging and he trains us to be fast in Maths. He knows the marking system well and knows our problems. Mr. Tan is the most efficient teacher I have seen in my life.” – Ryan Ang (Commonwealth Secondary School), A Maths and E Maths

4. Edukate Tuition Centre English Mathematics and Science Tutor Singapore

Edukate is a group of full-time tutors, who are NIE & university teachers and graduates.

Their tutors are highly motivated intelligent educated individuals from a diverse background and ethnicity, with years of experience in guiding and stimulating children’s intellectual growth to achieve good examination results real-life problem solving skills.

Not only do the tutors teach based on the latest syllabus and curriculum laid out by MOE, Edukate also provides additional enrichments to the children for a more holistic learning.

In addition, Edukate also have student counsels to monitor students do their work and help them in improving their problem-solving methods, as well as advise students in the methods to studying efficiently for their exams.

If you are a parent whose child have a hard time settling down to study, Edukate is the perfect place among the 10 Best Math Tuition in Singapore for your child!

Type of informationDetails
Highlights– Highly motivated intelligent educated uni teachers (full-time tutors)
– Teach the latest MOE syllabus for Primary and Secondary
– Primary and Secondary English, Math, Science PSLE IP IB GCE IGCSE SAP Tuition with tuition centres at Yishun, Punggol and Orchard Road (Singapore)
– Lay upon life skills/holistic approach as an add-on enrichment to their classes
– Classes are conducted in a fully air-conditioned environment
– Student counsels that monitors students doing their work
– Students feels comfortable in a small group format
– Identify and tailor teaching techniques to suit each and every student
– Tutors are hands on and provides 24/7 assistance during exam preparations
– Students learn the marking scheme and where marks are awarded
Website https://edukatesg.com/
664 Yishun Avenue 4 #01-275
Singapore 760664
10 Paterson Road
Singapore 238508

83 Punggol Field
Singapore 828761
Contact DetailsTel: +65 8823 1234
Email: [email protected]
Achievements / Online Reviews / TestimonialsGoogle ratings: 5 /5
“They are very good with two decades of tutoring. Recommended by a family friend, they got distinctions after attending lesson here. For me, I failed before attending, then I passed and went on to a solid A* in IGCSE for Extended Mathematics. Give them a call. They are recommended by schools.” – Felicity A Go

“My tutors from Secondary 1-4. Love them. Always taught me until I understand. Very patient, interesting people. Worth every lesson I had with them. Got me an A1 for English and Mathematics.” – Jamie Chang

“One of the best tutors for Additional Mathematics. Two decades in the business, aims for highly detailed understanding of the subject. My daughter and son likes them a lot.– Lisa Lo

5. The Math Lab

One of the few tuition centres in Singapore that focuses only on teaching Mathematics, The Math Lab started out as 2 mathematics teachers who came together to exchange notes and discuss teaching ideas.

Comprising of alumni from world-class universities, the team of educators at The Math Lab are both proficient at giving instruction & also highly adept academically, having gone through the centre’s rigorous interviews & strict hiring practices.

If you are looking for a Math Tuition that focuses all resources on perfecting the Maths paper, then The Math Lab is one you should look out for in the 10 Best Math Tuition in Singapore!

Type of informationDetails
Highlights– 72% of their PSLE students got A* or A in 2020
– 7 / 10 of their O-level students obtained a distinction (2019 exams) 
– 5 / 10 of their A-level students got an ‘A’ (2019 exams)
– Hires only full-time teachers, many are 1st Class Honours (ask for their certs) 
– MOE registered teachers
– Syllabus aligns exactly with the MOE syllabus 
– Small and cohesive class size
– Classrooms are fitted with HDTVs & Tablets for visualizations to make learning space more conducive
– They have a full library of practice papers from top schools 
– Have collaborated with an NGO & MOE to provide subsidised tuition for students from lower-income families (classes are conducted at MOE schools on weekends) 
Website https://themathlab.com.sg/
AddressThe Math Lab (Head Office @ Farrer Road Branch)
Blk 4, Queen’s Road #02-121
Singapore 260004
Contact DetailsTel: 6475 0624
Fax: 6475 7125
Achievements / Online Reviews / TestimonialsGoogle Ratings: 4.9 / 5
“Good content and tutors available here. Saw significant improvement in my results which I’m really happy with. Definitely will continue with this agency and others should come too.” – Justin Chia

“Classes were engaging and enriching. Teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced, and it shows clearly. The agency was also fast to reply my tuition inquiries.” – Sylvester Goh

“Really good tuition centre for math. Pleased with the pace of classes and the content and teaching method is more than sufficient.” – krish loy

6. Miss Loi’s Temple (Jφss Sticks Tuition Centre)

Founded by one of Singapore’s Top 5 Super Tutors who was featured on the Sunday Times way back in 2008, Miss Loi’s Temple (Jφss Sticks Tuition Centre) takes in and cares for those with the poorest of poor grades, so that they may be ‘cleansed’ of their low confidence & careless mistakes, and attain their ‘Mathematical Salvation’.

If you are wondering what’s a Super Tutor, it is a term referring to tuition teachers with an annual income of $1 million by The Straits Times.

Miss Loi who specializes in Singapore’s Secondary School Mathematics/O Level Additional Mathematics (A Maths), is a full-time Maths Tutor in Singapore who has helped countless students for the past 30 years, regardless of whether the students are from the ‘elite’ schools, neighbourhood schools, GEP, IP or IB.

If you are looking for a super tutor who possesses the eerily prophetic ability to ‘spot’ the right questions that will appear in upcoming tests/exams, Miss Loi’s Temple (Jφss Sticks Tuition Centre) is the one you are looking for! 😉

Type of informationDetails
Highlights– Founded by one of Singapore’s Top 5 Super Tutors
– A fully air-conditioned conducive environment that is comfortable for all students but at the same time ensuring that they maintain their focus throughout every intensive session
– Small group of 5-8 students to ensure that every single participant receives the maximum amount of legendary teachings and tender loving care from Miss Loi
– Has taught students Students from over 160 schools
Website https://www.exampaper.com.sg/
Address157A Thomson Rd, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307610
Contact Details Whatsapp (Miss Loi): +65 9380 5290 
Achievements / Online Reviews / Testimonials– Singapore’s Top 5 Super Tutors as featured in The Sunday Times (2008)
– Google ratings: 4.9 / 5
– Reviews:
“Miss Loi’s Temple is an excellent tuition centre that has both amazing teachers and great resources. The teacher, Miss Loi is very supportive in helping the students through their work. She provides students with great amount of materials and resources, giving students many practises to be able to polish what we know in each mathematical concept. Last but not lest, she also ensures that students are prepared for each given test and major exams through strategic practises given to us. That is why I would definitely recommend you to try the tuition centre out!” – Keane

“Miss Loi’s Temple is an excellent tuition centre that has both amazing teachers and great resources. The teacher, Miss Loi is very supportive in helping the students through their work. She provides students with great amount of materials and resources, giving students many practises to be able to polish what we know in each mathematical concept. Last but not lest, she also ensures that students are prepared for each given test and major exams through strategic practises given to us. That is why I would definitely recommend you to try the tuition centre out!” – Joy T.

“Clear teachings that resulted in great improvement from an E to an A in a short 4 months time. My child has also surpassed many of her classmates who once performed better than her and surprised her Maths teacher in school with her clear understanding within the short period of time. Most importantly, my child has gained much more exam confidence and had also cultivated much interest in Maths. Thank you Ms Loi.” – Chng Melvin

7. Good Maths Tutor

More than just a Good Maths Tutor, Mr Yee believes in developing the skills and self-confidence that are essential for every child to do well in Maths.

With an abundance of teaching experience and qualifications that are necessary to help your child achieve his/her goals, Mr Yee provides tuition that is cost effective for your child without compromising with the results by charging less than half the amount by an experienced school teacher.

Hence, if you are looking for an affordable yet cost-effective Math Tuition, Good Maths Tutor is your go-to educational centre!

Type of informationDetails
Highlights– Ex MOE Maths teacher with 14 years of teaching experience in Secondary and Primary School
– Excellent Track Record
– Continuity from Primary to Secondary
– Small class size
– Customisation to individual needs
– Student-Centric Learning environment
– Cost Effective
Website https://goodmathstutor.com/
AddressBlk 115 Bukit Merah Central #25-3773, Singapore 150115
Contact DetailsTel: + 65 9638 1204
Email: [email protected]
Achievements / Online Reviews / Testimonials– Google ratings: 5 / 5
– Testimonials & reviews:
“Under the guidance of Mr Yee, I was able to grasp mathematics better. When we are stuck while solving the question, he will read through all our workings and spot our mistakes. His explanations are clear and simple to understand. Mr Yee is a meticulous teacher who remembers the progress of each individual student so as to prepare relevant materials that is most beneficial before every lesson. He is also a caring teacher who is concerned about the student’s welfare. I have been taking up tuition lessons for 4 months and my A-math grade improved from a B4 to an A1. Thank you!” – Cherylmine Woon, Secondary 3, Chung Cheng High School (Main) improved from B4 in SA1 to A1 in SA2 2010.

“Mr Yee is a very competent and capable Math tutor, able to teach students at different levels, and cater to different school syllabus, at affordable price. He is very patient, helpful and able to guide students to answer for various challenging questions. My two children are benefited from his teaching from primary school till now (one of the top schools). I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for good Math tutor!” – CJ C

“Very patient tutor who shows me how one can be so calm and collected while solving math problems. Thank you so much for teaching! My results definitely improved and maintained at the A range.” – Cherylmine Tasha

8. Power Mathematics

Known as the Number 1 JC H2 Further Mathematics Tuition Centre from 2019-2020, Power Mathematics was set up by Mr Leon Wu who believes that there is always a simple way to explain even the most abstract concept, and there is always a simple solution to every difficult JC exam question.

Once a MOE Scholarship holder (1999-2002), Mr Wu holds a Master of Science from the National University of Singapore.

Having taught A Level H2 Math and Further Math to hundreds of students from each JC for 18 years, Mr Wu is now familiar with the exam question types of every school.

Hence, Mr Wu is the trusted tutor whom you can count on no matter which JC you come from, as he is able to conduct tuition lessons that are tailored to your learning style and pace.

Type of informationDetails
Highlights– Free 1-to-1 Consultations
-Additional Individual Lessons are Included
– 24/7 What’sApp Support if you need immediate help on questions?
– Affordable with No Deposit, No Admin Fee, No Hidden Cost & No Question Asked If You Withdraw
Award-winning (international)
Website https://www.powermaths.com.sg/
Address150 Orchard Rd, #05-36 Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841
Contact DetailsPhone: 90700735
Email: [email protected]
Achievements / Online Reviews / Testimonials– Google ratings: 5 / 5
– Testimonials / reviews:
“Teacher Leon is one of the best tutors I have ever cone across throughout my education path. Through his lessons and explanations, I am better able grasp difficult concepts that were once foreign to me. His style of teaching is catered to each students needs, which enables each student to prosper. His notes and practice papers are well organised and thorough, they cater to the scope of examinations well and gives us the space to learn and improve. Since all schools have a different “difficulty” standards, the powerbook the teacher leon provides helps me to be in line with the school standards. His tutelage has helped me to achieve stellar results.” – Ethan, Anderson Serangoon Junior College

“Mr Wu’s lessons were very digestible and easy to understand. He was able to explain math concepts very clearly and never judged when we wanted to clarify any concepts we were unclear of. His notes consisted of summaries, example types and practice questions that helped me grasp concepts quicker. Furthermore for exam preparation, he gave us a wide variety of school practice papers and answers and helped us with grasping harder skills. Mr Wu is a very patient and understanding teacher who is always willing to offer consultations whenever we need them at no extra charge. Thank you again for teaching me Mr Wu!” – Senna Tan

“My Leon Wu is a very understanding tutor, and he has really helped my daughter who has a really weak foundation in mathematics. From my daughter’s feedback, he is very generous with his practices that he painstakingly compiles for students. He is also a very versatile tutor and is ideal for both students who are weak in mathematics as well as stronger students who wish to secure an A in the A levels. He is a sincere and dedicated mathematics tutor who is very productive in his classes and delivers his classes in a clear and concise manner. Mr Leon Wu is also very passionate about maths and is able to transfer this deeper understanding of maths to his students, such that even a weak student will have a better grasp of the subject. Highly recommended!” -Jasmine Tan

9. Brain Matter Tuition @ Bishan

An educational centre that believes that students are defined by their Purpose and Growth, Brain Matter consists of a team of teachers who are Values-Driven and Professional.

Besides building a Positive and Fun culture that inspires Meaningful Learning and Character Excellence, Brain Matter also seeks to empower their students with life skills such as confidence and critical thinking skills , that are essential skills to excel in the uncertain future job landscapes, through their lessons.

Type of informationDetails
Highlights– Small class size to not more than 5 students
– Personalized Guidance
– Half-yearly feedback to parents to update them about the progress of their child
– Positive and fun culture that engages and nurtures our students
– Promotes meaningful learning and character excellence
Website https://brainmatter.com.sg/
AddressBrain Matter @ Block 501
Bishan Street 11 #01-364 S570501 (Next to Bishan UOB)
Brain Matter @ Block 503
Bishan Street 11 #01-448 S570503 (Next to S11 Coffeeshop)
Contact DetailsTel: +65 9791 1234 
Email: [email protected]
Achievements / Online Reviews / Testimonials– Google ratings: 4.9 / 5
– Testimonials & online reviews:
“Ms Phoebe has helped me in my Math by making concepts easier to understand and apply. Thanks to this, I made a great improvement in my Math, from failing to being the top 3 students in math in my class.”

– Brendan, Year 1, Anglo Chinese School(Independent)

“My teacher is a very good teacher and her lessons are interesting and fun. She is very patient with me and corrects me when I make mistake. When my exams was nearing, she would spend extra time to coach me. My maths used to be a low B but since she started teaching me, there was a great improvement and I got an A for my PSLE.”
Nicole Low, Pri 6, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

“I first joined brain matter in secondary one as my mathematics was not doing very well. I remember being welcomed warmly by ms phoebe as she took the time to understand my needs. Ms phoebe is an extremely kind and patient teacher, she is always there to help me when I have questions. I always loved her lessons as she is super funny and loves to share her stories with us. Under ms phoebe my math has improved a lot and I think that ms phoebe is the best!!” – arienne chua

10. Future Academy

Last but not least, we introduce to you Future Academy from the 10 Best Math Tuition in Singapore!

A former MOE teacher from Raffles’ Girls School specialising in the subject of Mathematics and Physics, Ms Chen decided to start the Future Academy tuition centre business in year 2014 after many past students kept approaching Ms Chen for private tuition as they found it to be the most effective way for them to learn productively.

Since then, the centre has found itself welcoming more and more students in Singapore through Future Academy’s effective small group tuition approach, with many of their students going on to attain their desired examination results.

Type of informationDetails
Highlights– Small group lessons with approximately 2-5 students only
– Former/current teachers from top IP/SAP schools/JCTutors are experienced in GEP and SBGE teaching 
– Differentiated Learning
– Two accessible locations located along the Downtown Line
Website https://www.fa.edu.sg/
AddressBugis (Rochor)
175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square, Singapore 189650

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #15-04, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre,
Singapore 588179
Contact DetailsPhone: +65 68846566
Whatsapp/SMS: +65 84577888
Email: [email protected] 
Achievements / Online Reviews / Testimonials – Google ratings: 5 / 5
– Students’ exam result showing the improvement and achievement: https://www.fa.edu.sg/performance/
– Online reviews:
“Excellent and all-rounded tuition centre. Provides tuition of a variety of subjects with highly dedicated and amazing teachers! They are extremely helpful and do their best to help you whatever problem you have. The teachers’ teaching style is unique and they can adjust the lessons to the topics that you are facing difficulty in.” – Ethan P.

“It is amazing, the teachers are great there and I really enjoyed it. I really recommend it because it helped me with my math a lot and it is a very good place to learn. I think it was very good that I chose to go here because it was so worth it. I felt very safe and I could ask any question, and they would help explain how to get to the answers. I think that it was very amazing that they print sheets for you to work on based on what your doing and I think that was a thing I had never seen before. I think they have amazing teachers and the teachers would sit down with you and explain each question you did not understand. It really helped me improve in math and I think it got me more confident in myself and not wondering if I was right, and instead knowing I am right. It was really great and I think Ms. Chen is a great teacher.” – Breit games


With the increasing influx of tuition centres and enrichment centres entering the private educational sector in Singapore, it can be pretty frustrating to look for a Math tutor that suits your learning approach.

We hope that this guide has been useful in helping you find the most suitable Math Tuition that is catered to your learning style and needs.

In addition, SBO also welcome any feedback and reviews regarding your experience with the listed tuition centres in Singapore.

On a side note, if you are seeking help for POA, do feel free to check this list of POA Tuition in Singapore you can look for.

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