10 Best Car Wash in Singapore to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean [2022]

Car washes are like bathhouses for cars.

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Last Updated on March 31st, 2022

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A car wash is a facility used to clean the exterior and, in some cases, the interior of motor vehicles.

Car washes can be self-service, full-service, or fully automated.

Looking for a car wash in Singapore? In this post, we’ve gathered all the details to compile a list of the 10 best car wash in Singapore to keep your car clean.

1. Boons’ CarWash

10 Best Car Wash in Singapore to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean [2022] 1
Source: Boons’ CarWash Facebook Page
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Traditional car wash services
– Pest fumigation service
– Attention to detail and meticulous
Address20 Sin Ming Lane
Singapore 573968
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 9759 9580
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
10 am – 6 pm

10 am – 5 pm

Online Reviews52 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.7 / 5.0 stars)
54 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 4.8 / 5.0 stars)

Boons’ CarWash believes that all cars should be taken well care of to look their best.

Believing that a car wash doesn’t need to be pricy, their prices are affordable.

Besides their traditional car wash services, the car wash in Singapore also offers a pest fumigation service for car owners to get rid of the pesky pests in your car.

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for their attention to detail; they will ensure that every crook and cranny in your car is clean after your car wash session.

2. Washlah

10 Best Car Wash in Singapore to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean [2022] 2
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Has serviced more than 20,000 vehicles
– Offers two tier of car wash services
– Impeccable customer service provided
Address1 Irving Pl
#08-01, The [email protected]
Singapore 369546
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 9668 9274
Operating HoursDaily
9 am – 10 pm
Online Reviews17 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.8 / 5.0 stars)
40 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)

Washlah has been providing washing and grooming in the automotive industry in both private and HDB residential carparks since 2016.

They also provide total fleet washing solution for their corporate clients.

To achieve this, the company prides itself in its ability to provide reliable manpower, updated equipment and innovative scheduling.

Since their inception, they have serviced more than 20,000 vehicles.

They offer two tiers of car wash services, which include the following components:

  1. Basic Series (BLT): Eco Wash (Washing Bay Not Required), Rim Care, Tyre Shine & Interior Vacuum – S$30
  2. Premium Series (FXXX): High Pressure Water Pre-Wash, Foam Cannoning, Clay Mitt, High Pressure Water Rinse, Rim Degreasing, Tyre Shine, Interior Vacuum, Interior Conditioning, Interior Decontamination – S$45

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for their customer service; they take the time to explain every product used before recommending a package for customers.

3. Lambency Detailing

10 Best Car Wash in Singapore to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean [2022] 3
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Uses SONAX Snow Foam Wash
– Highly effective, phosphate free formula
– Value-for-money quality car wash services
Address53 Ubi Avenue 1
#01-31, Paya Ubi Industrial Park
Singapore 408934
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact NumberTelephone: 
+65 6810 9918

+65 9658 5808
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
9 am – 7 pm

Saturday – Sunday
9 am – 9 pm

Public Holidays
Online Reviews337 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.9 / 5.0 stars)

Lambency Detailing has built up its reputation as a meticulous auto detailer who ensures that all their customers have a pleasant experience and leave with a revamped masterpiece.

They offer quality car wash services like SONAX Car Spa.

SONAX Snow Foam Wash is a highly effective, phosphate free formula that penetrates and eliminates dirt without damaging or stripping the protective layer.

Everyday use of your car exposes it to all manner of dirt and residues – your paintwork can take a lot of abuse over a short period of time!

SONAX Snow Foam Wash can rapidly attach to the paintwork surface, breaking down the stubborn dirt.

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for offering value-for-money car wash services despite their prices being on the steeper side.

They also do a good job.

4. SPC Manual Carwash

10 Best Car Wash in Singapore to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean [2022] 4
Type of Information Details
Services– Third largest retail network of service stations
– 20 manual carwash outlets in Singapore
– SPC Telok Blangah operated by MINDS
– Friendly and polite staff at their stations
Address & Operating Hourshttps://www.spc.com.sg/our-business/spc-service-station/manual-car-wash/
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number1800 477 1800
Online ReviewsAdmiralty Branch:
322 reviews (Average rating: 4.1 / 5.0 stars)

Founded in 1969, SPC has interests in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, terminalling and distribution, marketing and trading of crude and refined petroleum products.

SPC owns the third largest island-wide retail network of 40 service stations in Singapore, providing round-the-clock motoring services.

SPC has a network of 20 manual carwash outlets in Singapore. 

At SPC Telok Blangah, the Manual Carwash is operated by MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore).

The car wash in Singapore is proud to support gainful employment for intellectually disabled members in the community.

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for their friendly and polite staff.

5. Wash Collective

10 Best Car Wash in Singapore to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean [2022] 5
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Uses fresh cloth on every car
– Prices are relatively affordable
– Prompt reply and good service
Address22 New Industrial Road
#05-02, Primax
Singapore 536208
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 6681 6647
Online Reviews6 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)

WashCollective is a mobile car grooming arm of Cars Collective, a car dealership that specialises in car consignment, COE renewal and motor sales consultancy. 

At Wash Collective, they use fresh cloth on every car.

By not reusing cloth used on previous cars, the car wash in Singapore is able to properly eradicate dirt transfer.

Their Single On-Demand Car Wash is priced at an affordable S$16.00 for the areas of Punggol/Tampines/Pasir Ris/Seng Kang.

Their Scheduled Car Wash is priced at S$48.00 for the areas of Punggol West/Tampines/Punggol East/Pasir Ris.

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for their prompt reply and good service.

6. Finest Detailing

best car wash in singapore
Source: sgCarMart
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Specialises in various car grooming services
– Fireball Premium Car Wash costs only S$18.00
Address61 Woodlands Industrial E9
#01-18, E9 Premium
Singapore 757047
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 9754 1833
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday
9.30 am – 7.30 pm

10 am – 6 pm
Online Reviews6 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.2 / 5.0 stars)
23 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)

Finest Detail Express is a specialist in the following types of services: Premium Car Spa, Car Wash, Fireball Fusion Wax, Fireball Ceramic Coating, Interior Detailing, Pest Fumigation, Headlight Restoration, Solar Film Tinting, Steam Cleaning Interior.

Our recommendation is to go with their Fireball Premium Car Wash, which costs S$18.00 for a Small/Medium vehicle and S$23.00 for a Large vehicle.

The car wash in Singapore entails washing the exterior of your entire car with Fireball snow foam.

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for delivering despite the long queue.

7. Ninety9 Detailworks Singapore

best car wash in singapore
Source: Motorist.sg
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Uses the SONAX Xtreme Spray + Seal for waterproof coat
– Reasonable prices and pays attention to detail
Address8 Kaki Bukit Ave 4
#04-18, Premier @ Kaki Bukit
Singapore 415875
Email (for Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 8886 0868
Operating HoursDaily
10.30 am – 11 pm
Online Reviews6 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0 stars)

Over at ninety9, they believe all rides are equal and they should leave their shop gleaming with confidence. Head on over to pamper your car and let it shine. 

Besides a car wash in Singapore, ninety9 also plies the SONAX Xtreme Spray + Seal.

This is another product they aim to provide customers with, which offers rain protection against the unpredictable weather in Singapore!

A sealant like this will ensure that rainwater will be much less prone to staying on your car’s surface.

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for their attention to detail when carrying out their waxing services and their reasonable prices for a car wash in Singapore.

8. Shell Car Wash

10 Best Car Wash in Singapore to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean [2022] 6
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Manual car wash in Singapore
– Conveniently located across Singapore
– One of the largest patrol station networks
Address & Operating Hourshttps://www.shell.com.sg/motorists/inside-our-stations/shell-car-wash.html
Contact Detailshttps://www.shell.com.sg/about-us/contact-us.html
Online ReviewsHougang Branch:
83 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.0 / 5.0 stars)

From quality fuels to the most mouth-watering bites, Shell service stations have everything you need to get back on the road. They also have a car wash in Singapore.

Shell Car Wash offers a personalised, quick & thorough wash that is guaranteed to leave your car looking and feeling refreshed.

The car wash in Singapore is manual.

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for being clean and conveniently located.

9. 5D Solutions

10 Best Car Wash in Singapore to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean [2022] 7
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– Manual car wash in Singapore
– 5 years of experience and trained staff
– Uses equipment like clay bars and polishing pads
Address7 Soon Lee Street
#01-26, iSpace
Singapore 627608
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Contact Number+65 8668 7560
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday
9 am – 6 pm

Online Reviews33 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.8 / 5.0 stars)

Looking for a reliable and professional car wash service? 5D Solutions provides quality manual car wash services.

They offer a suite of quality and thorough cleaning services that is guaranteed to get your car sparkling like new again. 

With five years of experience, their staff are trained to use the right technique and equipment so that there are no scratches on your car during the cleaning process.

Using specialised equipment like clay bars and quality polishing pads, rest assured that your car will get the very best treatment at the car wash in Singapore.

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for their top-notch workmanship.

10. Shiokr

10 Best Car Wash in Singapore to Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean [2022] 8
Type of Information Details
Highlights to Note– An on-demand car wash app
– Environmentally friendly product
– Waterless car wash in Singapore
– Car wash formula is used on planes worldwide
Email (For Enquiry) [email protected]
Online Reviews110 Facebook reviews (Average rating: 4.4 / 5.0 stars)

Shiokr is an on demand app that allows you to book a car wash anytime, anywhere.

The car wash in Singapore uses only the best products and well-trained groomers to provide the services.

They are also environmentally friendly and have modelled their business to one that will not only benefit you, but also the environment.

Their car wash formula is used on the Air Force One, military and corporate planes worldwide.

Their waterless car wash yields better results, and is is also beneficial to the environment due to the significant reduction of water use.

Reviews praise the car wash in Singapore for giving customers the convenience and the flexibility of having a car wash in Singapore at a parking lot near their home.


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We hope that this guide will be useful in helping you to make an informed decision when it comes to finding the best car wash in Singapore.

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