11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022]

Introducing your best helpers to help you remove all the junk you've decluttered.

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Last Updated on May 17th, 2022

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10 Best Disposal Services
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Inspired by Marie Kondo to declutter your home? Just do it then. With the current tighter measures and the WFH in place right now, when’s the best time other than now to start reorganising your place?

If you have big bulky old furniture or lots of garbage to throw away, it would be really convenient to leave them at your lift lobby and cause a fire hazard for you and your neighbours. If you can’t tell, I was definitely joking. Please, let’s all be socially responsible citizens and spare a thought for our neighbours if not for yourself by dumping all your unwanted items responsibly.

To help you make your decluttering process a fuss-free one, below are the listed 11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to lend you a helping hand in removing unwanted items from your homes without violating NEA regulations!

1. Vimbox Movers

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 1
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– Best Price for Quality Disposal Service
– Over 80% Referral Rates
– 100% certificated
– Assures you that the confidentiality of your company or personal documents being disposed of is highly guarded during the destruction process 
– Offer the option to witness the disposal/ destruction process
– Offer certificates of destruction, pulping and recycling for disposal of bulky or highly sensitive items
Location10 Kaki Bukit Rd 1
#03-08, KB Industrial Building
Singapore 416175 
Operating hours (Office)Mon – Fri:
9am – 5.30pm

Sat & Sun:
Contact detailsTel: 
+65 6339 4439 

[email protected]

Started by founder and co-founder Wayne Lee and Hakim Zaini in 2012, Vimbox Movers was founded to provide quality moving and storage services for home and offices in Singapore.

Fast forward to 2021, they have served over thousands of clients, and have now expanded their range of services while still upholding the foundation of the company with honesty and reliability.

2. DA Engineering Pte Ltd

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 2
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– Fast Collection Time (Within 4 hours)  
– 24 Hour Service 
– Fast Response
– Hassle-Free Process
– Highly Experienced Team
Location1 Kranji Crescent
Singapore 728663 
Operating hours24/7 
Contact detailsPhone: 
+65 6368 9118
+65 9758 9118

[email protected]

With a mission to promote a healthier and greener environment in Singapore, DA Engineering Pte Ltd is dedicated to facilitating waste and garbage disposal and recycling some of these materials.

If you have your own self-disposal plans with the intention to transport your personal junk to their plant directly, the company also has a forklift or excavator to assist you to make your disposal process a more convenient one.

3. Tidy Disposal Service

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 3
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– Reliability
– Response time to your call for help with your waste disposal is timely, efficient and speedy 
– Services are versatile and easily customised to adapt to your requirements
– 24/7
Location29 Tuas Ave 8,
Singapore 639244 
Operating hours24/7
Contact detailsTel: 
+65 9151 4131 

With a mission to provide quick and efficient round-the-clock services, Tidy strives to offer a wide range of integrated and trusted waste disposal and recycling services for all its clients.

Reliable, fast and flexible, Tidy is committed to providing you with the best assistance and customer service for every single service provided.

4. Earth Recycling Services

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 4
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– Disposal for residential, commercial and industrial clients
– WhatsApp open 24/7
– Operates daily, all year round
– Prompt replies
– Fast and reliable team of professionals
– Free photo quotation with no obligation
– Recycles through dismantling
Location10 Kaki Bukit Road 2
#01-38, First East Centre
Singapore 417868
Operating hoursMon – Sat:
9am – 9pm

9am – 7pm
Contact detailsTel: 
+65 8852 2732

Earth Recycling Services provide disposal services of general waste and bulky items for residential, commercial and industrial clients across Singapore. They operate daily and their WhatsApp is open 24/7. 

They aim to reduce waste going into landfills by sorting out collected items manually at their facility. Most items will be dismantled and sorted out into recyclables and non recyclables. 

They aim to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Items that are in usable conditions may be donated to charities.

5. The Trio Movers

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 5
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– Offers to recycle your old furniture for you 
– Extend top furniture disposal services throughout Singapore
– Superb customer care in Singapore
– Excellent professionalism
– Affordable
Location31 Woodlands Close
#02-10, Woodlands Horizon
Singapore 737855 
Operating hoursMon – Sat:
9am – 7pm

Contact detailsPhone: 
+65 8321 5709 

Started by three brothers who had more than 10 years of experience combined, The Trio Movers is now made up of a team of specialists who will provide you with the best furniture disposal in Singapore services that you truly deserve.

Trustworthy, honest, responsible and on-time, you can be assured that your items will be disposed of efficiently and responsibly.

6. Junk To Clear

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 6
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– Recycles more of the waste instead of throwing it all away 
– Extract the most useful product out of the junk
– Items that are in good condition such as furniture and household items are donated to the needy families
– Enthusiastic frontline team members who conduct business with the utmost integrity
– Serves you 7 days a week
Location8 Kaki Bukit Road 2
Singapore 417841 
Operating hoursMon – Fri:
8.30am – 6pm

Sat & Sun:
9am – 2pm 
Contact detailsTel: 
+65 6749 2306 

With an aim to promote and encourage the REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE movement in the industry, Junk to Clear is a homegrown company that you can seek to help you dispose of your unwanted items.

Junk to Clear operates differently from other disposal service companies by recycling more of your junk instead of throwing all of them away.

7. Cleanway Disposal Services Pte. Ltd.

best disposal service in singapore_cleanway disposal services
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Type of InformationDetails
Key features– One of the most trusted names in the industry
– Provides recycling services
– Professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results 
Location40 Penjuru Road,
Singapore 609145 
Operating hoursMon – Sun:
8am – 5pm 
Contact detailsTel:
+65 6264 4411 

With a mission to provide high-quality services for their valued clients, Cleanway Disposal Services Pte. Ltd. will go the extra mile to accommodate all your needs.

Professional, timely and efficient, the company also provides services in garbage dump pick-up, hauling and recycling besides disposal service.

8. MK Mover

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 7
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– You always receive a free, no-obligation estimate
– Every MK Mover’s member are professionally trained
– Last-minute miracles
– 100% Satisfaction 
– Reliable
– Personal
LocationBlk 30 Defu Lane 10
Singapore 539211 
Operating hours24/7 
Contact detailsPhone: 
+65 9357 7333

[email protected] 

From bulky items such as furniture pieces to smaller items like rubbish and waste, Mk Mover will help you eliminate them all by offering their most efficient and professional disposal service.

Comprising a team of highly professional people who ensures the proper collection of waste materials, you can be assured that every disposal is a safe and quick one.

9. Ace Disposal Services

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 8
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– Cheap
– Easy to arrange
– Fast
– Courteous, professional and on-time
– Disposal services ranging from household/office/commercial to industrial
Location15 Yishun Industrial Street 1
Singapore 768091 
Operating hoursAlmost immediately 
Contact detailsTel:
+65 8753 5258 

Recommended by past clients for their very reasonable prices as well as their fast and efficient service, Ace Disposal Services will be there to accommodate your last minute requests almost immediately.

All you have to do is drop them a Whatsapp message which includes a list of the items alongside photos as well as the location and details of the pickup!

10. Soon Seng Transport & Movers Pte Ltd

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 9
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– 30 years of experience
– Efficient and reliable service to cater to your needs
– Properly pack your items before loading
– unwanted items will be disposed of at a dedicated disposal facility 
Location29 Hillview Terrace
#06-02, Hillview Warehouse
Singapore 669245 
Operating hoursMon – Sat:
8.30am – 5.30pm 

Contact detailsPhone:
+65 6339 0039
+65 6566 8212

[email protected]

Having accumulated over 30 years of experience since its operation in 1990, Soon Seng Transport & Movers Pte Ltd are the experts in moving and storage services.

Besides offering these services, the company also offers a disposal service managed by a team of movers and packers to help you properly packed your unwanted goods before loading, which will later be disposed of at a dedicated disposal facility.

11. Exped Moving Services

11 Best Disposal Services in Singapore to Clear Your Junk [2022] 10
Type of InformationDetails
Key features– Cheap & affordable disposal service
– Fast and efficient
– Professional, friendly & punctual
– 24/7
Location2 Jalan Rajah
#07-18, Golden Wall Flatted Factory
Singapore 329134

61 Bukit Batok Crescent
#04-05, Heng Loong Building,
Singapore 658078
Operating hours
Mon – Fri:
9am – 5pm

Sat & Sun:
Contact detailsTel: 
+65 9627 1021 

[email protected]

Comprising a team of experienced movers who are always available around the clock to meet your needs, Exped Moving Services is a full-service moving and storage company that provides services in packing, dismantling, moving, junk disposal and storage for both residential and business purposes.


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On a side note, if you are looking for the thrift shops in Singapore, click here to find out more.

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