Top Micro Influencers in Singapore [2024]

They may be even more effective for your brand than "famous" influencers.

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What is a Micro influencer?

According to CMSWIRE, as opposed to “bigger” influencers with huge followings, micro influencers are smaller influencers with a following of 1k–100k. They tend to have superb knowledge of their niche and are known to be less commercial with higher engagement rates among their followers. From a business perspective, they can be seen as more valuable in selling your products as opposed to gaining mass visibility.

So, which micro influencer should you choose? In short, it depends on the industry and the audience you are targeting. Here’s our curated list of the Instagram micro influencers you can consider engaging if you are running a business in the respective verticals. We have also included each micro influencer’s vanity metrics.

Beauty Micro influencers

1. Ju Ann


ju ann micro influencer

A mum to two young boys and a self-proclaimed beauty addict, Ju Ann started off by following her passion to become a beauty blogger. She posts reviews and holds giveaways on beauty, hair and skincare products. Occasionally, she also posts parenting tips to inspire fellow mums. 

By the numbers:

Followers: 11k

Engagement Rate: Average (2.51%)

Average Likes Per Post: 267

Estimated Post Value: $127

2. Cheryl Chio


cheryl chio micro influencer

Cheryl’s Instagram feed is the epitome of a beautiful, magical wonderland filled with stunning colours and a candy-like aesthetic. As the Beauty category winner for the inaugural HerWorldPlus Social Media Awards in 2016 and the Most Popular Beauty Blog for the Singapore Blog Awards 2015, she’s proven her success in the industry.

By the numbers:

Followers: 37k

Engagement Rate: Average (1.96%)

Average Likes Per Post: 574

Estimated Post Value: $313

3. Shannon Lee


shannon lee micro influencer

Known for her one-of-a-kind and visually appealing shots, it’s clear that Shannon has portrayed her own personality and style on her Instagram feed. Every product is described (down to the tiniest detail) on how she uses them, and she isn’t afraid of being brutally honest with her followers. Shannon’s engagement rate on her posts is superb, garnering over 50 to more than 100 comments. 

By the numbers: 

Followers: 1.1k

Engagement Rate: Good (27.06%)

Average Likes Per Post: 200

Estimated Post Value: $50

Fashion Micro influencers

1. Si Pei


si pei micro influencer

Si Pei is a fashion and lifestyle micro influencer based in Singapore. Known for her effortlessly coordinated fashion sense and style, her go-to signature look is a patterned dress and simple sandals.

By the numbers:

Followers: 40.1k

Engagement Rate: Average (1.75%)

Average Likes Per Post: 694

Estimated Post Value: $329

2. Japneet Kaur


japneet kaur micro influencer

On top of being a fashion influencer, Japneet is also a professional model. Aside from stunning her followers with her gorgeous outfits and intriguing fashion statements, she also admits to being a fitness junkie and often posts videos of her workouts.

By the numbers:

Followers: 41.2k

Engagement Rate: Average (1.99%)

Average Likes Per Post: 726

Estimated Post Value: $311

3. Grace


grace micro influencer

A familiar face in the local YouTube scene, Grace is one of the talents in Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), where she frequently appears in their videos. She majored in Graphic Design and is also a freelance stylist. It’s no surprise you can find her dressed in a variety of alluring #OOTD looks—and she can seriously pull off every one of them!

By the numbers:

Followers: 72.1k

Engagement Rate: Average (4.20%)

Average Likes Per Post: 2.7k

Estimated Post Value: $464

Fitness Micro influencers

1. Cheryl Tay


cheryl tay micro influencer

Cheryl is one of the biggest Instagram fitness micro influencers in Singapore. Founder of body image movement Rock The Naked Truth, she encourages everyone to be comfortable in their own skin and inspires others to feel more confident about themselves. She even created her own writing column on Yahoo Sports which profiles healthy and fit men and women.

By the numbers:

Followers: 41.8k

Engagement Rate: Average (3.64%)

Average Likes Per Post: 1.2K

Estimated Post Value: $297

2. Benedict Koh


benedict koh micro influencer

It’s obvious that Benedict loves what he does. Deeply passionate about fitness, his well-toned physique is a result of his hard work and dedication throughout the years. In 2018, he became an overall champion of the prestigious Fitness Super Star competition. Benedict is an ambassador with Myprotein Singapore and can be seen sharing his workout regime and healthy diet tips on his feed.

By the numbers:

Followers: 27.1k

Engagement Rate: Average (2.12%)

Average Likes Per Post: 577

Estimated Post Value: $251

Food Micro influencers

1. Hannah Chia


hannah chia micro influencer

As a fellow foodie, Hannah believes good things are meant to be shared. Filled with mouth-watering photos of food across a variety of cuisines, her Instagram feed has the ability to make one drool uncontrollably.

By the numbers:

Followers: 21.2k

Engagement Rate: Average (1.89%)

Average Likes Per Post: 403

Estimated Post Value: $214

2. Grace Chan


grace chan micro influencer

Grace’s feed is literally as sweet as sugar. Scroll through a series of inviting and delectable treats like matcha molten cakes, hojicha burnt basque cheesecakes and Sakura cherry blossom shortbread. The best part? This talented baker is the brain and hands behind all her breathtaking and awe-inspiring sweet treats.

By the numbers:

Followers: 18.3k

Engagement Rate: Average (2.53%)

Average Likes Per Post: 441

Estimated Post Value: $188

3. Charlotte Mei


charlotte mei micro influencer

Charlotte Mei is a host, presenter and certified nutritionist. A self-taught cook, she frequently shares fuss-free recipes with her followers and guides them on how to take care of their bodies by eating nutritiously and adopting healthy habits to live life to the fullest.

By the numbers:

Followers: 13.3k

Engagement Rate: Average (4.39%)

Average Likes Per Post: 509

Estimated Post Value: $133

Lifestyle Micro influencers

1. Brenda Tan


brenda tan micro influencer

Brenda is a lifestyle content creator. She posts about beauty, food, pets and travels. The young Singaporean YouTuber and influencer has worked with established brands including Innisfree, Fujifilm and Pantene. She’s also the founder of Go Margaux, an online women’s vintage jewellery and apparel store.

By the numbers:

Followers: 17.6k

Engagement Rate: Good (5.07%)

Average Likes Per Post: 713

Estimated Post Value: $151

2. Zoe Raymond


zoe raymond micro influencer

Zoe Raymond Tan’s online presence revolves around fashion, motherhood, exercise, food and beauty. She has worked with a diverse range of clientele, including brands like GUESS, Reebonz, Marie France, NTUC Income, PUB Singapore, Nivea and Panasonic.

By the numbers:

Followers: 74.3k

Engagement Rate: Average (1.94%)

Average Likes Per Post: 1.1k

Estimated Post Value: $468

3. Vicky Low


vicky low micro influencer

Vicky posts about all things fashion, food, beauty, sports and lifestyle. She is under Titan Digital Media and has also been featured in Jian Hao Tan’s videos on YouTube. 

By the numbers:

Followers: 68.1k

Engagement Rate: Good (8.35%)

Average Likes Per Post: 4.5k

Estimated Post Value: $408

Parenting Micro influencers

1. Clara Chan


clara chan micro influencer

Clara and her three children (or little Baos) XiaoBao, MiniBao & BabyBao are #familygoals on Instagram. Her Instagram feed features heartwarming family photos as she shares her family life with her followers. This includes parenting tips and helpful products that have helped her throughout her motherhood experience.

By the numbers:

Followers: 70k

Engagement Rate: Average (4.35%)

Average Likes Per Post: 3k

Estimated Post Value: $253

2. Lydia Izzati


lydia izzati micro influencer

Lydia is constantly seen posing in matching outfits with her adorable daughter, Eliya Izara. Her gorgeous baby girl even has her own Instagram account of 1.8k followers! Lydia shares and celebrates the little moments of parenting and strives to be upfront and transparent with her followers. 

By the numbers:

Followers: 52.4k

Engagement Rate: Average (3.04%)

Average Likes Per Post: 1.5k

Estimated Post Value: $391

3. Sherlyn Chan


sherlyn chan micro influencer

This Singaporean mum uses her Instagram feed to discuss the challenges and realities of parenting and being a mother. She is also the founder of Elia Education, a boutique centre for English learners aged 7 to 12. An inspiration to fellow and aspiring mums, Sherlyn emphasises that it’s okay to find motherhood difficult.

By the numbers:

Followers: 81.6k

Engagement Rate: Average (3.45%)

Average Likes Per Post: 2.5k

Estimated Post Value: $495

Pets Micro influencers

1. Marshall & Friends


marshall and friends micro influencer

Ekdikisis is the animal lover behind the adorable bunnies you see on her Instagram, and her feed never fails to brighten up one’s day. She typically shares and recommends safe and convenient pet products to fellow pet owners. She also once went viral after she uploaded a video of her baby bunnies put in glasses.

By the numbers:

Followers: 29.7k

Engagement Rate: Good (5.03%)

Average Likes Per Post: 1.5k

Estimated Post Value: $277

2. Oscar the Corgi


oscar the corgi micro influencer

It’s no doubt that Oscar, a Welsh Corgi (endearingly known as “the goodest boy”) has stolen the hearts of nearly 30k followers. As a “pet influencer”, Oscar is seen posing with foods, toys, and promoting lifestyle activities. Oscar also has his own virtual merchandise ‘pushcart‘ and shares exclusively designed items with fellow fans and corgi lovers. 

By the numbers:

Followers: 29.8k

Engagement Rate: Good (4.92%)

Average Likes Per Post: 1.3k

Estimated Post Value: $253

3. SGPolishChicken


sgpolishchicken micro influencer

Featured in The Straits Time, Mediacorp Channel 8 News, Lianhe Zaobao, TheSmartLocal and more, Ms Jayce Ho is behind the account SGPolishChicken. She shares the types of meals she prepares for her chickens and guides on how to keep and care for chickens as pets, especially Polish chickens—a European breed known for its unique crest of feathers.

By the numbers:

Followers: 1.4k

Engagement Rate: Average (9.83%)

Average Likes Per Post: 84

Estimated Post Value: $33

Travel Micro influencers

1. Emily Loke


emily loke micro influencer

Wanderlust, dreamy and diverse, Emily’s Instagram feed is chock full of beautiful places and festival experiences. She also excels in creating content about beauty. Scroll through her feed and you’ll realise that her pictures speak for themselves.

By the numbers:

Followers: 24.1k

Engagement Rate: Average (1.83%)

Average Likes Per Post: 463

Estimated Post Value: $239

2. Elaine Heng


elaine heng micro influencer

On top of winning the title Miss Singapore International World 2008, Elaine Heng is also an entrepreneur who founded Elaine Heng Image Consultancy and EH Global Group. She focuses on topics revolving around travel, fashion, beauty and more.

By the numbers:

Followers: 31.9k

Engagement Rate: Average (1.99%)

Average Likes Per Post: 621

Estimated Post Value: $450

3. Jessica Loh


jessica loh micro influencer

Jessica, also familiarly known as Shiberty, loves travelling to different parts of the world and astounding her followers with her remarkable photography skills. She also has an online shop where she creates elegant gemstone jewellery.

By the numbers:

Followers: 54.5k

Engagement Rate: Average (1.70%)

Average Likes Per Post: 900

Estimated Post Value: $408

Final Word

That’s it! Those are our 24 micro influencer recommendations sorted according to their verticals. Remember, even if a micro influencer’s niche is relevant to your industry, you should still do your research to find out if they share the same target audience as you, especially if you have a very niche target market.

There are many other aspects to a successful influencer marketing campaign. But one thing’s for sure: Influencer marketing isn’t for you if you are planning to make a quick buck out of it. It takes time and sometimes a bit of trial and error to know which influencer targets your audience best.

Did we miss out on anyone who should be in this list? Comment below!

Influencer statistics obtained from NinjaOutreach and SocialStats.

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