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Kko Kko Na Ra is the originator of Korean fried chicken restaurant in Singapore. Most of the restaurant’s recipes are from Madam Lee’s (the owner) mother who lived in Jeon La Do which is one of the famous province from making the best dishes in Korea. The authenticity of Kko kko na ra’s recipe makes the restaurant stood up from their competitor.Kko Kko Na Ra is first to introduce the “Ma Neul Gan Jang” or Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken in Singapore served in wings & drums. The sauce is made of hand-crushed garlic and many healthy ingredients that are imported from Korea. The preparation of the sauce took long hours, just to make sure that the taste of the garlic would be tastier when it spread through the fried chicken. The Crispy Soy Garlic Chicken is the best selling fried chicken and became the signature dish of the Company followed by kimchi jjigae, army stew, seafood pancake, and watermelon soju. ​ Offering several flavours of KFC - original, soy garlic sauce, sweet & spicy, honey shiok, cheese sprinkle, spicy garlic, and mala, Kko Kko Nara aims to serve fried chicken with a twist of its own along with many other Korean favourites. Regular customers include both the Korean community living in Singapore, as well as locals, who love the authenticity of Korean cuisine.

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