LiHO brings back Korean strawberry series with a new funky blue drink

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Speaking of our favourite food menu items that are making their comeback just like the McDonald's Prosperity Burger, LiHO‘s seasonal Korean Seolhyang Strawberry Series is hitting stores again soon and here’s what you can expect this time.

K-Strawberry Latte (S$7.90)

korean strawberry

While this doesn’t need much introduction, we’re certain that the K-Strawberry Latte (S$7.90) will have berry fans squealing in their seats. After all, the classic combination of whole Korean strawberries blended with fresh milk hardly goes wrong.

The latte might be slightly more expensive than usual bubble tea offerings, but it fetches a reasonable price when compared to counterparts in the market, and also considering that you’ll be getting fresh strawberry bits.

K-Strawberry Jing Syuan (S$7.50)

korean strawberry

LiHO is amongst the rare few bubble tea chains in Singapore where you’ll find Jing Syuan tea on the menu, making this drink that much more exciting. The K-Strawberry Jing Syuan (S$7.50) brings seasonal twist on the usual Lychee Jing Syuan that remains as the best-sellers at the BBT joint.

The tea’s naturally light notes prove to be a fantastic complement to rich fresh strawberries.

K-Strawberry Magic Spirulina (S$7.90)

korean strawberry

The one that you clicked in for, I know. The blue-clad K-Strawberry Magic Spirulina (S$7.90) gets its glow from — you guessed it — blue spirulina powder that’s said to have antioxidant, pain-relief, and anti-inflammatory qualities, amongst many more.

Available for a Limited Time Only

korean strawberry

The series will only run from 21 January to 21 March 2022, and the adorable strawberry cups that they’re served in are also limited in quantity. The drinks will be available for purchase at 20 selected LiHO outlets first, and will be made available to all other outlets from 26 January 2022.

  • Starting From 21 Jan 2022 to 21 Mar 2022
  • Ended!
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