Don Don Donki: Elevate your CNY hotpot with Tsukada Nojo beauty collagen soup now

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In a blink of an eye, we find ourselves already in January 2022. With the buzz around Chinese New Year approaching in the coming month, what better way to get prepared for reunion dinner than to stock up on quality soup stocks for some hearty hotpot session?

If you are a homebody and love fuss free methods to prepare a meal, we found something that might fit the bill. 

Tsukada Nojo’s Beauty Collagen Soup

Singapore’s famous collagen hotpot chain, Tsukada Nojo is a unique Japanese farm-to-table concept that is well known for its chicken collagen pot, Beauty Collagen Pot, or BIJIN NABE(美人锅).

They were the first Japanese ‘beauty hotpot’ restaurant to appear in Singapore back in 2012, with a growing number of fanatics that love the collagen soup for its smooth, creamy consistency. 

Just in time for the Chinese New Year season, Tsukada Nojo Singapore has launched their popular beauty collagen soup – Bijin Nabe Soup in ready-to-eat packaging at Don Don Donki.

Made from Free-Range Jidori Chicken 

The Golden Chicken Collagen Stock (Bijin Naabe) is made from special Jidori Chicken —  a mixed-breed domestic free-range chicken in Japan. 

If you are wondering how these collagen stocks were made, they were boiled for over eight hours with organic Jidori Chicken bones dissolving over time, as a result — creamy and thick texture that we all love in our collagen soup base hotpot.

What’s more, collagen soup has been raved about for its health and beauty benefits like giving your skin a youthful look, plump and wrinkle-free.

To enjoy this conveniently packed frozen collagen stock, simply defrost them by letting it thaw from its frozen form into a jelly-like form, and pop it into your hotpot. You can easily adjust the thickness of the soup according to your preference, either enjoying it as it is or adding water for a lighter broth with your hotpot bites. 

The frozen Bijin Nabe stock is currently running a promotion from now till 31 January at Don Don Donki at $15.80 (U.P. $16.80), with 750ml of beauty collagen soup goodness packed neatly in a vacuum-sealed pack. 

For those who just can’t get enough of the soup, you may opt for the 1kg packet that Tsuakada Nojo is offering for just $24.60 at their restaurant outlets. 

Do note that there are limited stocks per day, so stock up your hotpot essentials now at Don Don Donki outlets before it’s sold out!

  • Starting From 10 Jan 2022 to 30 Jan 2022
  • Ended!
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