Since 2018, What a Booch has been handcrafting uncompromising Kombucha out of a passion for gut health.

For those unfamiliar, kombucha is a beverage that generally begins with green or black tea which is then fermented with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (also referred to as SCOBY) It’s a great source of beneficial bacteria for your gut.

Tifanis started experimenting with commercialising her kombucha in 2020 as her day job as a yoga teacher had been considerably impacted. From 2018 till today, Tifanis’ SCOBY has grown from tiny remnants to a 2kg beautifully blob!

A one-woman show, Tifanis brews, packages, markets and manages customers all on her own.

Big booch energy is Tifanis’ tagline and if you are new to kombucha, her best sellers, I Lav You, Peach and Lychee Rose have a good chance of converting you to the gut-healthy drink.

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    • I Lav you,Peach aromatic and Calming
    • Lychee Rose Fragrant, dessert in a bottle
    • Pima Colada beach vacation vibes
    • Apple pie comforting and autumnal
    • Raw Booch booch kosong
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