The Eliana Timekeeper

The Eliana Timekeeper is a Singaporean watch brand that mixes fashion forward design with trendy appeal.

Sherrie runs the business on her own, together with a few friends. It all started when she could not find a mechanical watch that she both liked and could afford. Everything was either too flashy, too big, or overly minimalist. After a year prototyping the design and sourcing for materials and partners, the brand launched in early 2020 after being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

At The Eliana Timekeeper, great importance is given to using high-quality materials to manufacture one of the smallest automatic timepieces on the market. This is in reference to their first watch collection, The Twilight Glint. The idea behind this collection was a dark night lit up with stars.

The Eliana Timekeeper is perfect for someone with taste and style, for a person who loves a polished, classic mechanical watch that’s modestly sized, all while supporting local.

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