Splat Paint House

Splat Paint House is an art jamming studio that allows you to create art in whatever form you like

Founded by Andrea Lim, Splat Paint House was inspired by her friend's spare room in his warehouse that they hung out and painted in while she was going to university in Portland, Oregon. The full-body coveralls and paint-covered furniture were liberating.

From that experience, she thought Singapore deserved an experience like that apart from the conventional art jamming, to destress and have fun.

Splat's motto is Play with paints - no rules, no boundaries, no stress. You get to create your own art piece however you want!

Their signature products are the Splatter Paint Packages (Includes canvas, paint, tools, protective gear, and a space to paint and get messy) and the UV Packages (Splatter Paint under UV lights, with special UV paint).

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