Spin Paint House

Spin Paint House is an innovative art jamming with custom-made spin art tables & private booths

Founded by Andrea Lim, Spin Paint House was a natural extension of Splat Paint House – they were greatly inspired by the mesmerizing works of Callen Schaub and wanted to find a way to make that style of art accessible to everyone, without having to build your own spinning surface!

Making the tables completely manual was important to them, as they believe in the tactile nature of being using your own energy versus simply hooking it up to electricity.

Andrea and her team built many prototypes such as the Kid’s Wheels before settling for their final spin painting tables.

She says that learning and exploring, constant work in progress is what makes them jump out of bed in the morning and their reward lies in the smiles of their guests’ faces when they tinker and create their own masterpieces in the studio.

One of their signature products would be their Spin Art Packages which includes canvas, paint, tools, and access to custom-built spin art tables.

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