hey.magpies’ jewellery offers a wide selection of beautifully curated gems for daily wear and special occasions.

Inclusivity is big in hey.magpies. That’s why the team of two actively source and curate collections of gemstones that flatter their customers of every skin colour and shade.

At hey.magpies, Mama Magpie and Dove steer away from the unsustainable practice of gemstone mining. In all their pieces, customers can clearly see that jewellery, luxury, beauty and sustainability can co-exist. They believe using recyclable packaging and gems that produce low carbon footprints ought to be expected from the industry rather than as something to set themselves apart from others.

Take a look at their Dark Chic rings, where Mama Magpie thought that the usually unpopular Black Spinels would make pretty accessories when set on gold or sterling silver adjustable rings. “It’s a lovely choice for the Baddie Birdies,” the duo say.

Support and enthusiasm drive the duo daily, so when you find an accessory that makes your heart sing, it’s highly likely Mama Magpie gets as much a kick out of it as you do!

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