Jason from end.curtain has a message: blinds and curtains can lend spaces its own special, finishing touch.

Many of us think it’s the paint on our walls or the furniture in the room that gives a space its talking point. Curtains and blinds matter too!

Jason, the founder of end.curtain, named his curtain store as such so that his customers would “end their search with end curtain.” With buying their own place being a significant Singaporean milestone, home decor has become one major interest many Singaporeans’ have.

Find something that suits your design aesthetic and is a bang for your buck at end.curtain with their personalised styling concept services. Paying attention to detail, they take a look at each and every room in your place, from the shape and size and offer their best suggestions in terms of colour, fabrics, placements and more, so you live in your space comfortably.

As a wise person once said, “The room isn’t finished till the drapes are hung.”

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