Luxus Digital Lock Review [2024]

Embracing the Luxus Digital lock into our lives has been a transformative experience. It’s a recommendation I would earnestly extend to relatives and friends seeking a dependable digital lock solution, confident that it would bring them the same peace of mind it has brought to our home.

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One of the best renovation decisions for our home

Navigating the whirlwind of welcoming a newborn into our family while steering through the throes of home renovation has been quite the endeavour. Every decision feels like it’s teetering on the edge between future regret and prideful satisfaction. Amidst this flurry of choices, opting for the Luxus Digital lock has emerged as a beacon of relief — a decision that not only eases a fraction of our stress but one we’ll look back on with contentment.

Embracing the Luxus Digital lock into our lives has been a transformative experience. It’s a recommendation I would earnestly extend to relatives and friends seeking a dependable digital lock solution, confident that it would bring them the same peace of mind it has brought to our home.

Digital Locks have come a long way

In my ten years of using digital locks, I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of this technology, along with its trials and triumphs. My earlier experiences were often marked by frustration, particularly with the complex and fiddly process required to reset or input new PINs. This task, necessitating the removal of the battery cover and a precise sequence of button presses, was far from user-friendly. 

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Old Digital Locks often require you to key a sequence of entires to enter admin mode

Moreover, the slow response time of these initial models added a layer of inconvenience, making the simple act of coming home less welcoming. Through these encounters, I’ve gained a deep understanding of what truly matters in digital lock technology — simplicity and speed.

The important features of a digital lock

When it came time to choose a new digital lock solution, I had a clear set of non-negotiables that any contender had to meet:

  • Sophisticated Aesthetics: The lock must not only secure my home but also enhance its appearance with a sleek and professional design.
  • Synchronized Functionality: I wanted a bundle that covered both door and gate, with synchronized unlocking. The convenience of a single action to unlock both would be essential for a smooth return home.
  • Smart Intuitive Application: An associated app was crucial — one that would allow easy configuration and customization without the hassle of remembering and inputting complex numerical sequences.
  • Versatile Access Options: It was imperative that the lock support fingerprint detection and PIN code entry for straightforward, quick access. Facial recognition stood out as a desirable addition. RFID card compatibility was not a priority, despite its prevalence in current offerings.

These criteria guided my decision, leading me to the Luxus Atlas Door + DG4 Gate Digital Lock Bundle, which not only ticked all the boxes but also promised a leap forward in managing home security with ease and elegance.

Installation Process

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Installing Luxus Digital Lock

The installation of the Luxus Digital lock was an impressively efficient process, completed in under two hours. The skilled team arrived with advanced equipment, ensuring a precise and secure fit for the lock. It’s worth noting that fitting a digital lock on the door can be a dusty affair. I’d advise taking precautionary steps to shield your furniture and your neighbour’s possessions from the inevitable dust. 

Post-installation, the team provided a comprehensive tutorial on setting up the lock, including the addition of RFID cards, fingerprints, and PIN codes. With the lock’s Wi-Fi capability, they also assisted in connecting it to my home network, a step that activated the convenient remote unlocking feature.

Why Luxus Digital Lock Should Be Your Top Choice

Elegance in Design

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Elegant Design & Slim Profile

The Luxus Digital Lock immediately captivates with its minimalist elegance, perfectly blending with the sophisticated aesthetic of my home. It’s not just a functional device; it’s an enhancement to the modern exterior of any Singaporean abode. Its clean, simple lines and refined black finish evoke a sense of upscale sophistication that’s sure to impress even the most tech-averse family members. What’s more, its slender profile ensures it fits seamlessly alongside various gate and door combinations without compromising style or functionality.

Unmatched Speed

As a parent of a newborn, time is of the essence. Luxus Digital understands this urgency, offering an unlocking mechanism that’s nearly instantaneous. The exceptional speed with which this lock operates is akin to a fleeting moment — if you blink, you might just miss it. It’s this rapid performance that truly elevates the convenience of coming home.

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Luxus Digital Lock: Fast & Sychronised Unlocking

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The bane of frequent battery changes is a non-issue with Luxus Digital. While I’m yet to test its longevity over several months, the lock boasts a rechargeable battery system, eliminating the need for constant replacements. Charging is straightforward with a USB-C cable, though those without a nearby power outlet might need to consider a lengthy cable or a portable battery pack for added convenience.

Versatile RFID Access

Luxus goes beyond offering mere RFID cards — their suite includes RFID fobs for easy keychain access and even RFID stickers for an unobtrusive addition to your phone. Although this feature doesn’t align with my personal needs, I see its potential for those who prefer not to use biometrics, such as the elderly or individuals with fingerprint recognition challenges.

Intelligent User Management through the App

Gone are the days when I’d scour through drawers for the manual of my old digital lock, struggling to recall the sequence needed to enter the administrative mode for simple tasks like editing or adding PIN codes. The Luxus Digital Lock application is a breath of fresh air, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies user management to mere taps on my smartphone.

Remote Unlocking Capability

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Remote Unlocking

A pleasant surprise that came with my Luxus Digital Lock was the remote unlocking feature. Initially an unexpected bonus, this capability has become indispensable. Equipped with a Wi-Fi connector, it allows for remote access, providing the freedom to unlock the door from anywhere. Paired with a smart viewfinder, this proved invaluable when friends or family arrived early, as I could effortlessly welcome them into my home with a quick swipe on my app, sparing them the wait outside and saving me from any unintended hospitality faux pas.

Configurable Recurring PIN Code

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Recurring Pin Code

Luxus Digital Lock also offers the ingenious option of setting recurring PIN codes. This function shines for routine scenarios, such as granting access to a trusted housekeeper at specific times. By setting a PIN code that activates only on chosen days and times, I ensure secure access for when it’s needed, maintaining security and peace of mind, as the access is automatically restricted outside of these pre-set intervals.

Security is a Long Term Investment

Over the few months I’ve been using the Luxus Digital Lock, it has seamlessly integrated into my routine without any significant issues. While it sits at a slightly higher price point, the long-term value of a dependable digital lock cannot be overstated — providing enduring security and convenience to my home. It’s worth mentioning that this model doesn’t feature facial recognition, a technology some may seek. Personally, I haven’t found the absence of this feature to detract from its performance.

For those weighing their options, I recommend considering the lasting advantages that such a steadfast lock brings to the table, beyond just the initial expense.

Sponsorship Transparency

This content is sponsored. However, despite its sponsorship, my evaluation of the Luxus Digital Lock remains entirely genuine and unaltered. The views expressed here are based purely on my user experience and the performance of the product.

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