Konoha Izakaya: Feast on Naruto ramen, torched A5 wagyu and more in Singapore's first Anime-themed izakaya

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From kawaii cartoon characters to retro ’60s diners, themed cafes are all the rage nowadays. Fans of anime, this one’s for you.

There’s a new izakaya in town (and by town, we mean Potong Pasir) — Singapore’s first anime-themed bistro, Konoha Izakaya. Grab a highball and yakitori skewer, because you’re in for a chill evening.

Fun Anime Concept

anime-themed izakaya

Given that the bistro is named after Naruto Uzumaki’s hometown Konohagakure (“Village Hidden in the Leaves”), the decor is certainly very Naruto-centric. Posters and memorabilia line the walls and counters, making for an IG-worthy experience. However, you don’t have to be a Naruto or even an anime fan to bask in the laid-back atmosphere.

anime-themed izakaya

Popularised by the iconic Naruto manga and anime series, the slurp-worthy Ichiraku Ramen (S$14.80) is a tonkotsu miso-based broth with chashunaruto fish cakes, and an egg. Or, channel your inner Chōji Akimichi with the Ichiraku Tonkotsu Ramen (S$22) instead. It’s the same ramen, but with a hefty slab of crispy pork tonkatsu on the side.

Casual Japanese Fare

anime-themed izakaya

The must-order Torched Shime Saba (S$13.50) joins the ranks of classic izakaya grub like Chicken Kaarage (S$9.50) and Takoyaki (S$6.50). Wash ’em down with sake, beer on tap, or Japanese whiskey.

anime-themed izakaya

The A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Ribcap Experience (S$35) is a fun DIY treat — torch premium wagyu to your preferred doneness and be prepared for an explosion of umami. If you’re finding it hard to choose from the extensive menu, go for the Konoha Sanin Experience (S$68) for 2, consisting of their signature dishes and appetisers like Chuka Kurage and Potato Salad.

Konoha Izakaya may also be rolling out food from the hit series Demon Slayer in the future, so hang tight for that one. Furthermore, customers can keep an eye on their socials for occasional giveaways and win exclusive anime merchandise.

  • Starting From 26 Jan 2022
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