Kumoya: New kawaii Spongebob Squarepants cafe brings you to Bikini Bottom

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Is there a more iconic sound to remind us of our childhood than “Ohhhhhh… Who lives in a pineapple under the sea“? Many of us grew up on the hare-brained antics of the cartoon sponge and the nostalgia is strong.

From 16 Dec 2021, you don’t have to travel to a pineapple under the sea to hang out with Spongebob anymore because he’ll be getting his own pop-up cafe at Kumoya!

spongebob cafe singapore kumoya

Taking over from another childhood mascot, Crayon Shinchan, Kumoya Jalan Klapa will be transformed into a Bikini-Bottom-inspired cafe featuring a variety of dishes with a Spongebob Squarepants theme!

As with all their previous concepts, the new menu will be designed by @littlemissbento, a bento artist famous for her adorable takes on food. Plus, this will be a menu done in collaboration with Impossible Meats, making this Kumoya’s first-ever meat-free themed cafe.

spongebob cafe singapore kumoya

The menu is split into snacks, mains, desserts, and drinks with the snacks served in cute square boxes taking on the shape of Spongebob — very fitting for a Spongebob cafe. Some of the cool alternative meat bites include their realistic Impossible Nuggets (S$13.90) that come with a tangy tomato dip and also Impossible Mini Corn Dogs (S$13.90) for those who can’t get enough of the trendy snack.

There are 4 mains on the menu, starting from the eye-catching “No Problemo” The Impossible Burger (S$25.90) that features a juicy slab of their signature Impossible Meat patty embraced by a fluffy square-shaped bun that looks just like Spongebob.

spongebob cafe singapore kumoya

Other hearty Spongebob-shaped cafe fare on the menu include “I’m Ready!” Life Is Sweet Impossible Big Breakfast (S$26.90)“I Wumbo, You Wumbo, He She We Wumbo” Impossible Meatball Pomodoro Pasta (S$23.90), and “Aye-aye Captain” Impossible Japanese Croquette Curry Rice (S$24.90).

With Curry rice being a staple dish across multiple Kumoya themed cafe, it might be worth digging into their Spongebob-shaped spin on this classic dish. The square block of rice is coloured yellow with tumeric and served with plant-based katsu and pineapple curry.

It’s not really a cafe experience withotu some dessert and the “Order Up!” Get Toasty Dessert Set (S$21.90) ensemble of Hokkaido milk soft serve, Shibuya toast, and marshmallows is the perfect sweet ending to the meal. It even comes with a grill so you can grill your own marshmallows for maximum fun.

Other than that, the cafe also serves up some Spongebob inspired thirst quenchers such as the Pineapple-Under-The-Sea Pineapple Iced Tea (S$12.90) which snags you a personal pineapple cup to add to your mug collection at home.

Location: 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320

Operating Hours: 12pm to 9.30pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

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  • Starting From 16 Dec 2021
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