O’Bok Dabang: Korean fried chicken and croffles from $4.50

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Yes, we can finally go to Korea with the VTL but some of us can’t afford the time to go overseas now. And if you’re feeling FOMO from all your friends’ stories of them eating their way through Korea, don’t worry because there are tons of exciting authentic Korean food options in Singapore, including the newly opened O’Bok Dabang.

O’Bok Dabang serves up a bunch of popular Korean eats that range from Korean Fried Chicken and Tteokbokki to coffee and trendy sweet treats such as Croffles.

o'bok dabang singapore

And for SMU students, it gets even better because this new Korean cafe can actually be found on campus grounds! Not only that but the cafe also stays open till 12:30am, so you can grab some hearty Korean supper even at midnight if you’re the type who will study into the wee hours.

The cafe also offers a nice airy outdoor dining area with greens, woody accents and breeze while O’Bok Dabang’s interior is a sleeker industrial minimalist space dressed in white and wooden tones, much like other popularKorean-style cafes.

o'bok dabang singapore

One of the main highlights at O’Bok Dabang has to be the unique Croffles ($4.50) that are a cute mix between waffles and croissants. Permanent flavours feature a plethora of savoury and sweet toppings including Blueberry, Lotus Speculoos, Tiramisu, Cheese, Ang Butter, and Basil Pesto so both sweet and savoury crowds will be satisfied.

But if you’re not big on pastries, Korean fried chicken is also on the menu from 5pm onwards so you can sin on some on some crispy chicken bites.

o'bok dabang

The range of flavours at O’Bok Dabang includes classics such as Soy Garlic and Sweet Spicy, while you can also find more interesting varieties such as Honey Butter Powder and Snowing Cheese — get them either as Wings (S$8.40/3pcs), Drumsticks (S$8.40/3pcs), Tenders (S$7.80/4pcs) or Half Chicken (S$17.40).

If cheat day hasn’t arrived yet and you don’t want to stuff your face with fried decadence, you can also consider their Korean favourites like Tteokbokki (S$9.50) and Ramen (ranges S$6 to S$7). Either way, you can fix your Korean FOMO and cravings any time you want here.

  • Starting From 25 Nov 2021
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