ENTJ Personality Traits: Ideal Careers & What Jobs to Avoid?

ENTJs are highly motivated individuals who possess a strong sense of direction and purpose. What are their ideal careers or business to start? Find out more.

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The Commander

ENTJ, also known as the Commander, is one of the sixteen Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types. Individuals with this MBTI type are known for their strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and determination. They are natural-born leaders who thrive in challenging environments and excel at making tough decisions.

ENTJs are highly motivated individuals who possess a strong sense of direction and purpose. They are driven by their desire to achieve their goals and are not afraid to take charge and make things happen. With their exceptional organizational skills and ability to see the big picture, ENTJs are often found in leadership positions where they can influence and inspire others.

ENTJs are known for their logical and analytical thinking. They are adept at identifying problems and finding innovative solutions. Their ability to think critically and objectively makes them highly effective problem solvers and decision makers. They are not easily swayed by emotions and are able to remain calm and composed even in high-pressure situations.

ENTJs are confident and assertive individuals who are not afraid to speak their mind. They are natural-born communicators who can articulate their thoughts and ideas with clarity and conviction. Their strong communication skills enable them to inspire and motivate others, making them effective leaders and influencers.

Individuals with the ENTJ MBTI type possess a unique set of qualities that make them natural leaders. Their strategic thinking, determination, and ability to inspire others make them well-suited for roles that require strong leadership and decision-making skills.

What Makes ENTJs Happy in a Career

ENTJs are driven and ambitious individuals who thrive in environments that allow them to take charge and lead. They are natural-born leaders who enjoy being in positions of authority and responsibility. Here are some key factors that contribute to the happiness of ENTJs in their careers:

  • Challenging Work: ENTJs are highly motivated by challenging work that allows them to utilize their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. They enjoy tackling complex problems and finding innovative solutions.
  • Opportunities for Growth: ENTJs are constantly seeking opportunities to learn and grow. They are happiest in careers that provide them with the chance to continuously develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Autonomy and Authority: ENTJs thrive when they have the freedom to make decisions and have control over their work. They enjoy being in positions of authority where they can influence and shape the direction of their team or organization.
  • Achievement and Recognition: ENTJs are highly achievement-oriented individuals who derive satisfaction from accomplishing their goals. They thrive in careers that offer opportunities for recognition and reward based on their performance.
  • Working with Competent Individuals: ENTJs value competence and efficiency. They are happiest when they are surrounded by competent individuals who can contribute to the success of their team or organization.
  • Leadership Opportunities: ENTJs have a natural inclination towards leadership roles. They are happiest when they have the opportunity to lead and inspire others towards a common goal.

The best career choices for ENTJ

ENTJs are natural leaders and thrive in positions where they can take charge and make decisions. They possess strong analytical and strategic thinking skills, making them well-suited for careers that require problem-solving and long-term planning.

Here are some of the best career choices for ENTJs:

  • Management Consultant: ENTJs excel in providing strategic advice and guidance to organizations. Their ability to analyze complex situations and develop effective solutions makes them valuable assets in the consulting industry.
  • Entrepreneur: As natural leaders, ENTJs have the drive and ambition to start their own businesses. They enjoy taking risks and are skilled at managing and organizing teams to achieve their goals.
  • Corporate Executive: ENTJs thrive in high-pressure corporate environments where they can utilize their leadership skills to drive business growth. They are adept at making tough decisions and are often sought after for executive positions.
  • Project Manager: With their strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks, ENTJs make excellent project managers. They can effectively coordinate teams and ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Lawyer: ENTJs’ logical and analytical thinking, combined with their strong communication skills, make them well-suited for a career in law. They excel at presenting arguments and negotiating deals.

The worst career choices for ENTJ

While ENTJs have many strengths that can lead to success in various careers, there are some roles that may not align with their natural abilities and preferences. Here are some career choices that may not be the best fit for ENTJs:

  • Repetitive Administrative Roles: ENTJs thrive in fast-paced environments that challenge their problem-solving skills. Repetitive administrative tasks may not provide the level of stimulation and fulfillment they seek.
  • Artistic or Creative Careers: ENTJs are more inclined towards logical and strategic thinking rather than artistic expression. Careers that heavily rely on creativity and imagination may not be the best fit for their skill set.
  • Isolated Researcher: ENTJs thrive in positions that involve leading and collaborating with others. Careers that require long periods of isolation and independent research may not provide the social interaction and teamwork opportunities they enjoy.

Suitability of Being a Business Owner for ENTJ

Most Suitable Business for ENTJ

  • Management Consulting: ENTJs excel in strategic thinking and problem-solving, making them natural leaders in the field of management consulting. Their ability to analyze complex situations and provide effective solutions is highly valued in this industry.
  • Entrepreneurship: With their strong drive, determination, and leadership skills, ENTJs have what it takes to start and run their own businesses. They are not afraid to take risks and are highly motivated to achieve success.
  • Executive Coaching: ENTJs’ natural inclination towards leadership and their ability to inspire and motivate others make them well-suited for executive coaching. They can guide and mentor individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their professional goals.

Least Suitable Business for ENTJ

  • Creative Arts: While ENTJs can be creative and innovative, they may struggle in artistic fields that require a high level of emotional expression and sensitivity. The focus on aesthetics and subjective decision-making may not align with their logical and analytical nature.
  • Customer Service: ENTJs may find it challenging to excel in customer service roles that require a high level of patience and empathy. Their direct and assertive communication style may not always be well-received in customer-facing positions.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry often demands a high level of compassion and empathy, which may not come naturally to ENTJs. Their preference for efficiency and results-oriented thinking may clash with the nurturing and caring aspect of healthcare professions.

Being a business owner can be a fulfilling and rewarding career path for ENTJs. Their natural leadership abilities, strategic thinking, and drive for success make them well-suited for entrepreneurial ventures and management consulting. However, they may face challenges in fields that require high levels of emotional expression and empathy, such as the creative arts and customer service. It is important for ENTJs to consider their strengths and weaknesses when choosing a career path to ensure they find the right fit that aligns with their personality type.

Pros and Cons of ENTJ as a Business Partner

When it comes to being a business partner, ENTJs bring a unique set of strengths and weaknesses to the table. Their natural leadership abilities and strategic thinking make them well-suited for the role, but their assertive nature can sometimes create challenges in collaborative settings.


  • Strong leadership skills: ENTJs are born leaders who excel at taking charge and making things happen. They have a natural ability to inspire and motivate others, which is crucial in a business partnership.
  • Strategic thinking: These individuals have a knack for seeing the big picture and developing long-term plans. They can analyze complex situations and make decisions that benefit the business in the long run.
  • Confident decision-making: ENTJs are known for their ability to make tough decisions with confidence. They trust their instincts and are not afraid to take risks, which can be a valuable asset in a business partnership.
  • Goal-oriented: ENTJs are highly driven individuals who are always focused on achieving their goals. They have a strong work ethic and are willing to put in the necessary effort to succeed.


  • Can be overly assertive: ENTJs have a strong personality and can sometimes come across as domineering or intimidating. This assertiveness can create conflicts or tension within a business partnership.
  • Impatience: These individuals are highly results-oriented and may become frustrated if progress is not made quickly enough. Their impatience can lead to a lack of understanding or empathy for others.
  • Tendency to overlook details: ENTJs are big-picture thinkers and may sometimes overlook important details or fail to consider all possible outcomes. This can pose risks or challenges in a business partnership where attention to detail is crucial.
  • Can be overly critical: ENTJs have high standards and can be highly critical of themselves and others. This perfectionistic tendency can create tension or strain within a business partnership.

Overall, ENTJs can make excellent business partners due to their strong leadership skills and strategic thinking. However, it is important for them to be mindful of their assertiveness and impatience, and to work on developing their ability to collaborate and consider different perspectives.

Most Compatible MBTI Types with ENTJs in a Business Partnership

ENTJs tend to thrive in business partnerships with individuals who complement their strengths and bring different perspectives to the table. The most compatible MBTI types for ENTJs in a business partnership include:

  • INTJ: This partnership combines the strategic and analytical thinking of both types, creating a powerhouse duo that excels at long-term planning and goal-setting.
  • ENFP: The dynamic and enthusiastic nature of ENFPs can complement the ENTJ’s drive and determination, creating a balanced and high-energy partnership.
  • ESTJ: Both ENTJs and ESTJs share a strong work ethic and a focus on efficiency. This compatibility can result in a productive and goal-oriented partnership.

Most Incompatible MBTI Types with ENTJs in a Business Partnership

While there is potential for growth and learning in any partnership, certain MBTI types may present more challenges when paired with an ENTJ. The following MBTI types may have differing priorities and communication styles that can make collaboration more difficult:

  • INFP: The INFP’s preference for harmony and individual values may clash with the ENTJ’s direct and assertive approach. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in decision-making processes.
  • ISFP: ISFPs tend to prioritize personal values and emotions, which may conflict with the ENTJ’s focus on logic and efficiency. This difference in approach can lead to challenges in aligning goals and decision-making.
  • ESFP: ESFPs are known for their spontaneous and flexible nature, which may clash with the ENTJ’s preference for structure and planning. This difference in approach can create challenges in establishing clear roles and responsibilities.

While compatibility with other MBTI types can provide insights into potential strengths and challenges in business partnerships, it’s important to remember that individuals are unique and can defy generalizations. Effective communication, mutual respect, and a shared vision can help overcome any compatibility issues and create successful partnerships.

Seeking Career Success as an ENTJ

To achieve career success as an ENTJ, individuals of this personality type should focus on several key areas. Firstly, it is crucial for ENTJs to continue developing their leadership skills. As natural-born leaders, they thrive in positions of authority and influence. By honing their abilities to inspire and motivate others, ENTJs can excel in managerial roles or even venture into entrepreneurship.

Secondly, ENTJs should prioritize networking and building strong professional relationships. Their outgoing and confident nature allows them to connect with others easily, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations. By actively seeking out mentors or industry experts, ENTJs can gain valuable insights and guidance to further their career.

Furthermore, ENTJs should embrace continuous learning and self-improvement. While their natural talents and abilities may propel them forward, it is essential to stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies. By investing time and effort into expanding their knowledge base, ENTJs can stay ahead of the curve and maintain their competitive edge.

Lastly, ENTJs should remember that MBTI type is not the sole determinant of career success. While their personality traits may provide a solid foundation, constant reflection, willingness to learn, and hard work are equally vital. By remaining open to feedback, adapting to change, and persevering through challenges, ENTJs can pave their way to long-term career fulfillment and achievement.

Remember, success is not solely defined by one’s MBTI type, but rather by the dedication and effort put into personal and professional growth. With the right mindset and a commitment to continuous improvement, ENTJs can thrive in any career they choose.

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