6 Cheap Web Hosting Solutions in Singapore for Small Businesses

If you haven’t put any serious thoughts into web hosting, it’s time to jump on the bandwidth bandwagon.

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    Last year, numerous international companies and government agencies fell victim to data breaches and cost them $3.86 million on average.

    Last year, numerous international companies and government agencies fell victim to data breaches and cost them $3.86 million on average. For small businesses, the resources it takes to battle such a major cyber crisis is too ludicrous to even fathom. A secure web-hosting service has, therefore, become one of the prime investments for thriving small businesses against data breaches.

    Get Caught in a Web of Advantages

    You may ask: “My business has been around for decades and is successful even without a good web hosting. Why would I need it now?” 

    We live in the age of Big Data. These days, even small businesses can amass an overwhelming volume of data from its customers and employees, and these providers deliver more efficient and modernised processes not only in terms of internal and customer communication, but in safeguarding data from harmful computer software or malware, and cyber thieves who can wreak havoc on office systems, records, and business.

    Apart from providing the all-important data security, web hosting service operators deliver a wide range of communication and logistical functions that you will need to operate, including high-performance servers, email hosting and domain registrations

    Web Hosting 101

    There are plenty of web hosting providers in Singapore who can help you with your business. In fact, too many that it may even give you a migraine.

    Put your aspirin bottle away for a second and let’s first discuss the top things you should consider when selecting a web hosting provider.

    1. Speed and Bandwidth

    These are two of the primary features from your provider that you’d want more of. Most of your system’s data transfers rely on these two things. They determine how fast your system tools can perform tasks while controlling the transfer of data from your server to your customers. Some providers offer unlimited bandwidth with high speeds while others may offer data caps at different speed ranges, so determine your company’s data transfer needs first before contacting a provider.

    2. Security

    Check for your provider’s security credentials and if they are equipped with an efficient malware filter.

    As mentioned earlier, security is going to be one of your major concerns when your business undergoes a digital transformation. Aside from shifting your focus between branding and marketing, take the time to consider your web hosting provider’s security features and make sure that not even a single iota of malware can penetrate its firewall. Check for your provider’s security credentials and if they are equipped with an efficient malware filter.

    Features and Scope

    Once you determine your business needs, discuss it with your provider to know how much you’ll require for random access memory, bandwidth, storage space, email features and more. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you don’t know what your provider is talking about. The concept of web hosting is very simple once you familiarise yourself with the processes.

    To make things easier, list down your needs (e.g. email features, hardware, privacy and domain) and let your provider explain how they can address each one so you’d know their product’s strengths and limitations.

    1. Storage

    You can never go wrong having more space. Today’s web hosting providers usually offer cloud storage for their clients because it offers better data management and protection than private servers. But if your business only manages minimal data then you’d want to find a provider who can offer you limited storage plans in shared hosting servers for a lower cost.

    2. Support

    Always remember that a provider you can rely on when you most need their expertise is a keeper because you will encounter problems along the way, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

    Every provider should offer an efficient in-house technical support system for their clients at any time of the day, seven days a week. Without hesitation, strike out providers that make you deal with a chatbot or wait for a response until you foam at your mouth. Look out for those that have a dedicated team who can answer all your queries professionally and, as much as possible, in real-time.

    Always remember that a provider you can rely on when you most need their expertise is a keeper because you will encounter problems along the way, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

    3. Price

    Certainly, no one can discount the importance of this one. Web hosting providers usually offer flexible deals you can choose from whether your top priority is speed, space, or security. If your business simply manages a blog, email marketing, and social media accounts then there’s no need to purchase an expensive plan. However, if you have plans to expand soon, then hiring a powerful and experienced provider that has great reviews and a strong network of clients might be a good idea.

    The Best Web Hosts that Money Can Buy

    And now without further ado, let’s break down our top six providers in no particular order:

    1. Siteground

    Siteground homepage

    Siteground’s SuperCatcher feature allows you to reduce your websites’ loading times.

    Hosting an estimated 2 million domains globally, you can be sure you’re in the right hands with this company that entered the industry in 2004. Siteground offers excellent customer support, 20GB of storage, great speeds and high performance. Plus, you can host as many websites as you want.

    When it comes to price, Siteground also proves to be one of the most reasonable out there at only US$8 per month.

    If you think you need a web hosting provider that can also be a partner for growth, Siteground’s SuperCatcher feature allows you to reduce your websites’ loading times. Considering all the factors we’ve noted earlier, this one’s a site to behold.

    2. A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting Homepage

    When it comes to shared hosting (multiple websites sharing a single server), A2 Hosting is a popular option with novice startups. Since its inception in 2001, this provider has made a name for itself by offering reasonable rates. At present, monthly plans start at US$4.99, which allows you to host multiple websites, gives you unlimited storage and adds security by assigning encrypted links between a server and browsers via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

    Though clients are divided on the promptness of their live chat support (some claimed that they can reach operators in less than 30 seconds, while others say it takes much, much longer), their dedicated tech personnel are experienced and accommodating. With an already fast performance that you can upgrade to up to twenty times faster speeds in premium plans, who can complain?   

    3. Oryon

    cheapest web hosting in singapore_oryon

    Oryon is a highly esteemed hosting company which was started in the year 2004. It has an average of 4.9 / 5.0 rating on the major review platforms for more than 10 years. The company offers a stellar customer service called Oryon Assist which is available 24/7 on Whatsapp, Livechat, and Facebook Messenger.

    Their most affordable plan comes at S$10 per month. This includes 30 days daily backup, fast SSD disk, free WordPress themes, WordPress performance plugins as well as free CDN and SSL service. Account setup and migration are included free of charge.

    If you need a web hosting provider with a responsive support team and fewer complaints, Oryon will be a suitable choice.

    4. Vodien

    Vodien homepage

    comes with a fast and easy WordPress installer, auto-updates and backups…

    A veteran that entered the industry in 2002, Vodien has 200,000 clients across the Asia Pacific. The company boasts 15GB of storage space, 10 email accounts, hosting of up to 5 sites, and unlimited bandwidth, all for US$11 per month.

    While this one proves to be more costly than the others, you get your money’s worth if you are hosting a WordPress site as the provider comes with a fast and easy WordPress installer, auto-updates and backups aside from its other features that include high-end performance, good speeds, and live chat support available round-the-clock.

    5. Exabytes SG

    Exabytes homepage

    Whether you’re hosting a small blog or a major website, Exabytes SG, which was established back in 2001, knows what you need and can deliver them with icing on top.

    An experienced pioneer, Exabytes SG offers multiple plans that can perfectly suit your needs, making it ideal for both first-timers and experienced entrepreneurs. Their Plesk control panel lets you manage your WordPress sites like an expert and clients can’t seem to say anything bad about the features except for select factors such as speed and storage, which fall short by small margins compared to its competitors. Nevertheless, Exabytes SG can provide you with all that you need and more including 10GB to run one website, email features, dependable tech support, unlimited bandwidth, and reasonable speeds.

    One of the more popular plans is their affordable WP 12 Business plan, which comes at S$7.99 per month. You’ll get all the essential features from this tried-and-tested provider in one package including 90GB of fast SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, free daily back up, and 100-day money-back guarantee.

    6. Hostinger

    Hostinger homepage

    Last to make our top five is this Lithuanian web hosting service that quickly became a household name in Singapore.

    When Hostinger set up shop in 2004, the goal was to provide free websites for internet users. Today, their premium shared plan is a low US$2.59 per month and lets you enjoy unlimited bandwidth, storage and email management, data caching, and one free domain name. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

    Their support team is on point each time you require assistance. While Hostinger’s features are not as extensive as that of its peers, the sincere customer care and affordable prices clients can get make them one of the best around. 

    There’s a Web Host for Every Budget and Need

    These web hosting providers can definitely help your business, but it all boils down to what you need. If good speeds and low costs are your priorities, all of the above vendors can deliver but Siteground takes the cake.

    However, if you’re only operating a small business that doesn’t need too many features the least expensive Hostinger might come out as the perfect choice.

    For your other specific needs, Exabytes SG, A2 Hosting, and Vodien have their unique strengths that the two others do not have.

    Do you know of other web hosts that should have made the list? Do feel free to send us an enquiry and tell us why.

    All information is correct at the point of writing.

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