Learn Axie Infinity in 60 Minutes (Hottest Play to Earn NFT Game)

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Earn Extra $500 Per Month By Just Playing Game!

Enter the World of NFT Gaming

Earn passive income

Learn cryptocurrency

No hard-sells

Few Training Dates (running out!)

Materials provided

No need to have strong IT knowledge

Course Description

You've always been hearing how crazy prices of cryptocurrencies have been flying, how high the price of an digital art is going for. Right here, it's all about how much YOU can EARN within the gaming industry!

Learn how to earn $500/month easily with your mobile device easily! Making money from gaming.

Few years back, everyone was crazy over Pokemon Go and spend HOURS on their devices running around the whole island just for the thrill and fun in it! Fast forward 2021, thanks to the technology of blockchain, we can finally be paid doing the things we actually like doing!

Axie Bootcamp

This boot camp is a 60mins information loaded mine where I'll talk about how you can earn at least $500 a month easily with the mobile device that you already have. Times have changed ever since the pandemic hit in 2020 and a lot of our lives have been impacted one way or another throughout the world. I had the opportunity to chance upon Axie Infinity and it has completely changed my views on ways income can be generated in the future. Gone are those days where you have to exchange blood sweat and tears for dollars and cents.

By the end of this 60 mins, you will know

  • Why is the Internet always talking about Cryptocurrencies
  • Introduction to NFT
  • Understanding Play to Earn
  • What is Axie Infinity
  • Understanding the Game
  • How much you can earn from this
  • How to make this into a Passive Income

Who this is for?

  • Those who wants to have an extra source of Income
  • Those who have 0 knowledge about NFT Play to Earn
  • Those who believes that Crypto will be here in the future
  • ANYONE who understands English and would love to know what's the next big thing
  • Ex Pokemon Go Lovers. ( If you could spend hours running around the island just for pure fun, I guarantee you'll love Axie because it's as cute and makes you kaching!)

Who this is NOT for?

This course isn't for you if...

  • You do not have 60mins
  • You already have knowledge about Axie Infinity
  • You are someone who still believes the only way to earn money is through bloodsweat and tears


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Kendrick has been in the Financial sector since 2017 and since then ventured into the Cryptocurrency world uncovering different opportunities in that sector.



Ken Toh

This 60 mins allowed me to realize how much the world is evolving and how much I have to catch up on! Most importantly allowing me to have my first true passive income.


Ken Toh

This is good for absolute beginners who know nothing about NFT Play to Earn


Ken Toh

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A fee of $50 will be payable. Information which we will be sharing with you guys are through our own experience while starting from scratch.

Yes you will definitely earn an extra source of Income. However, when it comes to money it is very important to do your due diligence before making any financial decision. We are simply sharing what we fortunately chanced upon.

 As long as you are above 18 you are free to participate in this workshop

Yes, a short video will be send to all participant of the workshop. Please be sure to watch it as this will give you an overview of what we will be sharing about!


Modes of Delivery

Online Classroom


60 mins

Course Fee


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