Time to Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Here's a quick review to help you understand more about the phone and why you should upgrade your phone to the Samsung S21 Plus.

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It’s time for you to upgrade your phone to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus! Why? – It helps you save time and simplifies your work. As a content creator, I often have to interview people and do reviews in order to write my articles. Having spent a week with the Samsung S21 Plus, I am very impressed with its new functions that help me finish my work more quickly and produce better quality videos and pictures compared to my current phone – the Samsung A51. Here’s a quick review to help you understand more about the phone and why you should upgrade your phone to the Samsung S21 Plus.

First look and feel

In terms of its outward appearance, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has a somewhat similar design to all the other newly released Galaxy series. It’s sleek and compact, even with the bulging camera, it can still fit it in my pocket quite easily. 

For me, the phone’s weight of 200g weight is a slight downside, because it’s heavier to carry around in pockets and will make my pockets sag. It’s also a bit more uncomfortable holding the phone to film for longer periods of time without a tripod.

The phone’s weight of 200g is definitely heavier compared to the Samsung A51, which weighs 172g. Compared to iPhone 12, which weighs 164g, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus will feel significantly heavier and bulkier.

Here are some images of the exterior of the phone!

Back view of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
Side view of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
Lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
Front view of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Battery Life

The huge 4800mAH battery life can easily last you a day for light usage including a couple of hours of photography and videography. However, if you’re doing a whole day of videography, it is unlikely that the battery can last you an entire day.


With a beefy 8GB of RAM, I could toggle between apps without any noticeable lag. It was great for me to toggle between chrome and other apps as I was doing my research while on the move. It’s really convenient for me to complete my work and do some simple editing of my videos and pictures.


The review model had 256Gb of storage (there’s a 128Gb version, but for power camera users, they might find it run out of space relatively quickly), so you will perpetually never have to worry about the lack of storage space in your phone as you film videos or take pictures.


Speaking about photos and videos, the three cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus produced some seriously exceptional visuals. Natively, the colours and details were amazing, especially with the 3:4 64MP setting!

For the highest quality of pictures of videos, it is definitely recommended to use the 3:4 64MP setting as that would give you the clearest pictures, such that when you zoom in you can see the different elements of the picture in detail.

Photo taken with the Samsung S21 Plus with 3:4 64MP setting at Jewel Canopy Park

Such settings are great for shooting pictures which you require to be extremely clear, such as those which you’d like to put up in a blog. You are able to get the maximum amount of detail in every part of the picture, with good colour contrasts.

The ultra wide lens of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus allows you to take great landscape shots or architectural shots such as the one below. 

Photo taken with the Samsung S21 Plus with the ultra wide angle lens setting at Jewel Canopy Park

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus also produces a great bokeh. 

Boken shot of flowers
Bokeh shot of leaves

If you’re doing product or service reviews, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus will serve you well because it’s great for taking pictures of any kind – from flowers, to food, to landscape shots. 

Food shots (normal photo)
Landscape/ architectural shots (normal photo)

Even in the lower light situations, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus can still produce relatively clear shots with minimal noise. 

Wide angle night shot
Normal night shot

Comparing between the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and the Samsung A51

It is definitely a treat to have the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus because it outdoes the cheaper Samsung A series phones. There is a visible difference between the colour and quality of the pictures, as shown below. 

Samsung A51: duller colours produced
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus: more vibrant colours produced
Samsung A51: Fewer elements captured, generally duller
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus: more details captured, generally brighter
Samsung A51: captures less of the surroundings
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus: captures more of the surroundings even in the normal camera mode

As shown, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus produces pictures which are much more vibrant and shows the different elements in the picture more clearly compared to the Samsung A51. 

When it comes to the front camera, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus produces a clearer yet softer touch to the image.

Samsung A51: fewer details captured, harsher colours
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus: more details captured, softer skin tone

New upgraded video functions

The Samsung S21 Plus has many different settings for taking pictures and videos which you can play around with, as shown in the screenshot below.

Of the different functions they have, the more interesting things are:

  • Pro video
    • Allows you to edit the settings such as ISO, Aperture, Focus on video. Previously, you could only do this when you’re taking pictures. But now, you can do this while you’re taking video, so you have more control over the different elements.
    • While this (obviously) cannot beat the quality and control that the DSLR is able to achieve, it’s definitely very helpful when you only want to bring your phone out to shoot a video. 
  • Director’s view
    • Allows you to film interesting videos where two actions can be happening at the same time!
    • It’s easy to use and great if you’re reviewing products or filming a vlog alone because of the selfie mode at the top right corner.

With these new functions, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus becomes great for filming. These new functions will definitely come in handy when you’re vlogging or doing a video review!

Is it worth the money?

As a user of the Samsung A51, using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus definitely feels like a huge upgrade because of its better camera quality! While the Samsung A51 is good enough, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus definitely helps me take better pictures, especially in low lighting.

Hence, it’s definitely worth to invest in the Samsung S21 Plus because of its great camera. This upgrade saves time and makes your job easier so it’s definitely worthwhile!

We hope you’ve found this review helpful. If you’d like to check out other phone reviews, visit our website here.

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