10 Best Collagen Drink in Singapore to Support Your Skin [2023]

Whether it's marine or bovine, these 10 best collagen drink in Singapore are absolutely divine!

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Collagen exists as the most prolific protein in our bodies.

Your tendons, skin, ligaments and muscles contain this protein that comes with many functions. As a primary skin component, it has the ability to strengthen, elasticise and hydrate your body’s largest organ.

Taking collagen drinks is a quick and easy method to obtain more collagen and enhance the condition of your skin. Its benefits don’t end there – it’s also known to support bone, muscle, joint and heart health!

There are plenty around to be found, and we’ve gone a step ahead to compile the 10 best collagen drink in Singapore to call yours.

1. Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond

best collagen drink in singapore_kinohimitsu diamond collagen
Source: VivaHealth Pharmacy
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– Comes in a carton of 16 bottles of 50ml each
– Consists 5,300mg of collagen peptide
Features– Aimed at aiding in restoring youthfulness, radiance and suppleness to mature skin
– Helps to decrease ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines and dryness
Retailers– Kinohimitsu
– Shopee
– Lazada
– Guardian
– Qoo10
– VivaHealth Pharmacy
– Watsons
Price$48.90 (Kinohimitsu)

Popular Japanese brand Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Diamond 5,300 Drink targets 3 main aspects.

It seeks to tighten the skin for a more enhanced appearance, boost the bust and buttocks for a more captivating figure, and lock in moisture within the skin for long-lasting moisture retention. This way, the skin is always soft, supple and hydrated.

This drink consists of an incredible 5,300mg of collagen peptide that are tiny pieces of protein from animal collagen. These peptides are typically used for ageing skin, osteoarthritis, weak muscle strength and brittle nails. Their short molecular structure allows them to be absorbed more easily into your skin as compared to our own collagen.

Through improving collagen synthesis and fixing impaired collagen fibres, this drink effectively lowers signs of ageing.

2. BRAND’S Innershine RubyCollagen Essence

best collagen drink in singapore_brands innershine rubycollagen drink
Source: Brand’s
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– Choose between bottle/strip packaging at different prices
– Comes in a box of 12 bottles of 50ml each or 10 strips
– Bottle form has 3,000mg of micro-collagen and strip form has 1,500mg of marine fish collagen
– Contains its exclusive, copyrighted RubySignature™ formula
– Contains astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant
Features– Assists in reducing collagen loss and maintaining supple skin
– Supports microcirculation
– Used to reduce fine lines in Asian skin and mature skin
Retailers– Brand’s
– Amazon SG
– Lazada
– Shopee
– Qoo10
– Major supermarkets
Price$62.90 (Brand’s)

What’s this unique RubySignature™ concoction that’s claimed to rejuvenate and revive the skin?

BRAND’S Innershine RubyCollagen Essence is a premium line of oral beauty supplements that contains its in-house developed RubySignature™ formula. This formula primarily comprises a prized combination of micro-collagen and astaxanthin.

It helps to prevent collagen loss while boosting the absorption of collagen and other key nutrients to the skin cells. Specially created for mature Asian skin, it’s an exceptional choice for women aged between 30 and 45 who want to minimise skin ageing. Simply take two bottles daily over 12 weeks for maximum effect!

3. Laneige Youth Collagen Drink

best collagen drink in singapore_laneige youth collagen drink
Source: Lazada
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– 25ml x 30 bottles
– Contains 5,000mg of collagen per bottle
– Free of preservatives, artificial colouring and sugar
– Uses Type I fish collagen peptide that is easily absorbed into the body
Features– Water from the East Sea in Korea helps to moisturise the skin
– Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) works together with collagen to deliver superior results through improved sleep and skin regeneration
Retailers– Lazada
– Qoo10
Price$120 (Lazada)

Laneige’s Youth Collagen Drink is a powerful supplement that reduces stress, encourages deep sleep, and improves the skin’s condition.

Packed with moisturising water from the East Sea in Korea and 5,000mg of collagen peptide, this drink aims to deliver moisture to the skin and enhance recovery. Unlike other brands, it targets sleep quality using gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a kind of amino acid.

During sleep, GABA assists in collagen production that leads to heightened skin regeneration and recovery. It’s free of artificial colouring, preservatives and sugar, making sure that you’re getting a clean and healthy drink that you’ll enjoy.

4. New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen

best collagen drink in singapore_new moon inner radiance collagen drink
Source; Guardian
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– 50ml x 10 bottles
– Contains 13,000mg of ultra-concentrated collagen
– Uses collagen fish peptide for easy absorption
– New improved reduced sugar formula
Features– Highest collagen content and whitening properties among similar products in the market
– Made for healthier, more radiant and brighter skin complexion
Retailers– New Moon
– Shopee
– FairPrice
Price$45 (New Moon)

Prefer your collagen drink less sweet?

New Moon’s Inner Radiance Collagen comes in a new formula that comprises less sugar for a healthier lifestyle. With 13,000mg of ultra-concentrated collagen, it takes its place at the top as the drink with the highest concentration in the market.

It uses hydrolysed collagen for speedy absorption into the body and also has other highly beneficial ingredients like glutathione, ceramide, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Be assured of its product quality – it’s made and tested in a clinical laboratory in Japan for your peace of mind.

Take it after your dinner or before you hit the sack for the best results!

5. AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink

best collagen drink in singapre_avalon stemcell beauty drink
Source: AVALON
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– 50ml x 10 bottles
– Contains the potent orchid stemcell and premium marine collagen peptides
– Has refreshing sparkling water
– Contains litchi seed extract, a powerful antioxidant
Features– Repairs and rejuvenates damaged skin
– Helps to retain skin moisture, brighten the skin tone, boost skin firmness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and ultimately solves leading skin issues
– Sparkling water content improves nutrient absorption and enhances skin metabolism
Retailers– AVALON
Price$59.90 (AVALON)

AVALON’s Stemcell Beauty Drink works in a two-step method by repairing and rejuvenating the skin.

It uses its featured Japanese orchid stem cells, a formidable antioxidant that boosts the skin barrier to prevent nutrient and water loss. The premium French marine collagen peptides in the drink also contribute by helping the skin cells combat a wide range of skin-related problems.

AVALON understands that simply taking collagen doesn’t resolve the root cause of typical skin issues, which are damaged skin cells. Therefore, it uses orchid stem cells to effectively treat this problem. If you’re looking for a refreshing solution, this drink also contains sparkling water, an unusual addition!

6. Tsubaki Ageless Collagen Drink

best collagen drink in singapore_tsubaki ageless collagen drink
Source: ProductNation
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– Each box has 50ml x 10 bottles
– Contains 10,000mg MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides
– Contains a generous amount of 500mg of royal jelly
– Recommended for those above 25 years of age
Features– Helps to lift and brighten the skin
– Hyaluronic helps to lower fine lines and boost the skin’s suppleness
Retailers– Lifestream Group
– Shopee
– Amazon SG
– Watsons
Price$46.45 for 2 bundles (Lifestream Group)

Want to know whether you’re getting the most out of your money?

AFC’s Tsubaki Ageless Drink gives you a whopping 10,000mg of premium marine collagen peptides to invigorate your skin. These extremely small collagen molecules allow for better skin absorption as compared to other types of collagen peptides.

That’s not all: the formula also contains 500mg of beneficial royal jelly and Tsubaki extract. Look forward to a variety of benefits, like tightening skin cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and decreasing pigmentation. It’s highly recommended for people 25 years old and above, with worries like having a rough skin complexion, brittle nails and dark spots!

For daily maintenance, one bottle every 3 days will give you the support you need.

7. KIKI Health Marine Collagen Powder

best collagen drink in singapore_kiki health marine collagen powder
Source: KIKI Health
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– Contains 100% purified hydrolysed collagen from sustainably sourced wild fish off the French coast
– 7,500mg of collagen per serving
– Type 1 purified collagen
– Organic Camu Camu Powder gives Vitamin C
– Free from wheat, gluten, lactose, dairy, preservatives, artificial colouring, sweeteners and fillers
Features– Contributes to the maintenance and development of muscle mass and bones
– Collagen polypeptides are easily digestible and gentle on the gut
Retailers– Lookfantastic Singapore
Price$72 (Lookfantastic)

KIKI Health prides itself on using only pure and high-quality ingredients to facilitate your health and well-being.

Its Marine Blend Collagen Beauty Blend Powder has 100% purified fish hydrolysed collagen that it sources from sustainably obtained wild fish by a responsible fishery. It helps to increase the most abundant protein in your body, collagen, to help with the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, joints and bones.

You can add it to your juice, water or smoothie easily. It’s free from artificial colouring, gluten, and more!

8. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

best collagen drink in singapore_vital proteins collagen peptides
Source: iHerb
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– 567g bottle
– 20g of collagen per serving
– Kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo-friendly
– Has 8/9 essential amino acids
Features– Provides, skin, hair, nails and joint support
– Promotes a youthful look, aids in skin hydration and improves skin elasticity
– Suitable for people with specific dietary requirements
Retailers– iHerb
Price$60.36 (iHerb)

Vital Proteins’ Collagen Peptides delivers a whopping 20g of collagen per serving – that’s the equivalent of 20,000mg of collagen goodness!

Dairy-free, kosher, paleo-friendly and gluten-free, this collagen supplement makes a good choice for people on special diets. Its simple, wholesome goodness is made from just one essential ingredient and easily digested. Made in powder form, it also has hydrating hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.

Plus, Jennifer Aniston uses it! Pour it inside your favourite smoothie or coffee for a great blend to kickstart your day!

9. Astalift Pure Collagen Drink

best collagen drink in singapore_astalift pure collagen drink
Source: Beauty Insider
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– 30ml x 10 bottles
– Contains 10,000mg of collagen
– Uses three types of collagen for a powerful blend
– No preservatives, artificial colouring, nor caffeine
Features– Pico-collagens used help in collagen synthesis
Retailers– Watsons
– Lazada
– Shopee
Price$42 (Watsons)

Using not one, not two, but three different types of collagen in its unique formula, Astalift’s Pure Collagen Drink boasts potency and efficacy. This drink contains a total of 10,000mg of collagen from marine collagen, proline and lysine. They help to make absorption easier and collagen synthesis possible.

Astalift uses the first extraction to ramp up its effects and give you twice the concentrated collagen for taut, hydrated and firm skin. Take one bottle every night to see visible results!

10. ITOH Hanako Crystal Collagen

best collagen drink in singapore_itoh hanako crystal collagen
Source: Shopee
Type of InformationDetails
Specifications– 50ml x 16 bottles
– Contains 5,300mg of low-molecular collagen peptides
– White peach-flavoured
Features– Actively hydrates and nourishes the skin
– Results in plumper and smoother skin
– Helps to beat clear signs of ageing while restoring face brilliance and glow
Retailers– Guardian
– Shopee
– Watsons
– Ascenshoppe
– Lazada
Price$39.90 (Guardian)

ITOH Hanako Crystal Collagen is a drink that meets all your skin’s basic needs and more.

It blends kiwi seed, Vitamin C, shell ginger leaf, pomegranate flower and 5,300mg of collagen peptides together with refreshing hyaluronic acid. This ideal drink helps to replenish your skin’s moisture, smoothen and rejuvenate it to achieve healthy and younger skin for a youthful appearance.

It also tastes pleasantly like white peach for your enjoyment! Take a bottle daily for 6 days in a row before reducing it to a bottle every other day. Take it before breakfast or sleep for the best absorption.


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