Face the Fear of Rejection by Seeking It

How a man overturned his fear of rejection by actively looking for them. For a hundred times.

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In our business journey, it’s inevitable that we face rejection. Sometimes it gets the better of us, paralysing us even when it’s not personal. Given enough rejection, we may feel fearful about talking to the next prospect, wondering how they’d react negatively.

Rejection left a scar

The first rejection that entrepreneur Jia Jiang could remember encountering was when he was six. In a class team-building activity, no one wanted to compliment him, and it hurt him badly.

That experience seemed to have had a lasting impact on him. He recalls that even at 30, there’s a constant battle in his head, wondering if he should propose a new idea or speak in front of his colleagues.

This fear of rejection followed him even when he set up his own company. The first investment opportunity that was presented to him turned him down. It hurt him, and he felt like quitting.

But when he thought if Bill Gates or any other successful entrepreneur would’ve quit at the first rejection, he knew he had to do something about himself and be a better leader.

Attempting to overcome it

The only way to overcome any fear is to face it. He decided to stare rejection in the eye and conquer it.

He embarked on a hundred days of rejection, brainstorming some ways to get rejected, filming himself go through the process and blogging about it. The idea is to seek out rejection and get desensitised to it.

So how did it go? Watch the candid sharing below.

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