Why Write With SBO strives to be the go-to online magazine that supports the aspirations of entrepreneurs, and we understand that one of those aspirations is to become a thought leader.

As a thought leader, you'll stand out from your peers and outshine your competition. People look to you for opinion and guidance, and potential customers will clamour over you (I mean, just look at Nas Daily).

However, just like a tree branch that fell in a secluded forest, if people don't know that you're brilliant, are you really brilliant? You can be the best in your industry, but if you're not visible, nobody knows you even exist.

As the American actor Peter Gallagher puts it,

"To stay on the map, you've got to keep showing up." However, there's only one of you. How do you keep showing up without the need to be present physically?

You can show up on people's social media feeds, personal conversations and the media.

We support your aspiration to be a thought leader by providing a platform to showcases your expertise and putting it before a relevant audience. We also look to you to plug our editorial team's knowledge gap by providing our community of readers with specialist insights.

We believe that your unique perspectives will benefit the business community and we hope that one day, and its contributors will be a part of every business' success.

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