10 Best Fire Extinguisher In Singapore to Protect Your Property [2021]

Keep your cool with the best fire extinguisher in Singapore!

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Guard what you love with the best fire extinguisher in Singapore!

1. Fire Line Pte Ltd

Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Offers fire extinguishers of varying sizes from 1kg to 4kg
– Fire extinguishers also come with wall brackets
Address5 Soon Lee Street, Pioneer Point, #03-60,
Singapore 627607
Email (For Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 9774 0115
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday
8am – 10pm
Online Reviews9 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0)

Used to making purchases through popular online shopping apps? With this fire extinguisher provider, you can fulfil your fire safety needs through these apps as well and reap the benefits of their reward and discount programmes!

This store’s wide range of products also guarantees that you are likely to find a fire extinguisher that best suits your needs.

2. National City Corporation

Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Provides a wide range of fire safety products including fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets at competitive prices
– Offers professional maintenance services for fire safety equipment
AddressBlk 9008 Tampines Street 93, #02-39,
Singapore 528843
Email (For Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 6241 8090
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
9am – 4.30pm
Online Reviews4 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0)

Beyond just fire extinguishers, this store offers a variety of other essential fire safety products such as fire blankets.

With prices set to be competitive, this store ensures that protecting what’s important does not have to come at the cost of burning a hole through your wallet.

3. Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball

Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Provides fire extinguishing balls that automatically put out fires within seconds of coming into contact with them
– Products do not require inspection or maintenance
Address1 Commonwealth Lane, #09-12,
Singapore 149544
Email (For Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 6205 0011
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
9.30am – 6.30pm

9.30am – 12.30pm
Online Reviews2 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0)

This store offers highly unique fire extinguishers that do not require as much vigilance to be effective as their traditional counterparts.

Their efficient automatic function which gets them activated within seconds of detecting a fire in their surroundings allows you to go about your day without worry.

4. FireStore SG

Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Offers portable foam, water, ABC dry chemical and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers of varying sizes
– Provides free delivery services for orders $300 and above
Address3 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, #01-1353,
Singapore 319055
Email (For Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 6353 3371
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
9am – 6pm

9am – 1pm
Online Reviews1 Google reviews (Average rating: 5.0 / 5.0)

With its various offers, including a free delivery service for larger orders as well as special bundle deals for small businesses, this store allows you to take fire safety precautions while making more economical choices.

Its wide range of fire extinguishers also ensures that you can select the type best suited to your needs.

5. Fire Armour Pte Ltd

Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Provides a range of products including lithium battery fire extinguishers and extinguishers in child-safe cabinets
– Also offers fire extinguisher renting and loaning services for temporary use
Address14 Fan Yoong Road,
Singapore 629791
Email (For Enquiry)https://www.firearmour.com.sg/contact-us/
Contact Number+65 6266 6788
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
7.45am – 4.45pm

7.45am – 11.45pm
Online Reviews101 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.9 / 5.0)

While fire safety should be a concern that we all care about, certain contexts such as pop-up events may make us a little hesitant to get precautionary equipment just for these temporary arrangements.

This store’s rental services solve the problem by ensuring that you can maintain the safety of your environment without making an unnecessarily permanent purchase.


Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Offers a variety of fire extinguishers including foam, carbon dioxide and water extinguishers of different sizes
– Also provides fire alarm and fire suppression systems
Address14 Woodlands Walk,
Singapore 738394
Email (For Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 6757 4350
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
9am – 5pm

9am – 2pm
Online Reviews19 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.9 / 5.0)

This store also offers a wide variety of fire extinguishers of different sizes to best cater to your specific needs. On top of fire extinguishers, they also offer other types of fire safety equipment and services whose effectiveness can be relied upon as seen by their extensive established clientele that includes MacDonald’s and Changi Airport!

7. Firetronics Pte Ltd

Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Provides a variety of fire safety equipment including fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, fire detectors and flame-resistant protective clothes
– Also offers installation and maintenance services
Address14 Woodlands Walk,
Singapore 738394
Email (For Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 6484 1201
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
8.30am – 5.30pm

8.30am – 2pm
Online Reviews18 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.6 / 5.0)

This fire extinguisher provider offers an extensive array of equipment for the setting up of a comprehensive fire safety system. These also include preventive equipment such as fire suppression systems and steel cabinets.

Their services cater to private corporate needs, government institutions, and personal use as well so you can definitely find something suited to your needs here.

8. Fire Safety SG

Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Offers individual fire extinguishers of varying sizes, as well as combination sets that include other products such as fire blankets
– Also provides fire extinguisher rental, maintenance and disposal services
Address45 Jln Pemimpin, #07-04,
Singapore 577197
Email (For Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 8816 7521
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
9.30am – 4.30pm
Online Reviews8 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.0 / 5.0)

This store offers a one-stop solution to all your fire safety needs. Their products include fire extinguishers of different sizes, as well as other essential equipment such as fire blankets.

They also offer services that allow you to rent extinguishers temporarily and dispose old extinguishers safely.

9. Kimty Fire Protection Co Pte Ltd

Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Provides fire extinguishers for both commercial and home use
– Also offers various other fire safety equipment such as dry and wet riser systems and sprinkler systems
Address2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, North Point Bizhub, #05-19,
Singapore 768159
Email (For Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 6255 3255
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
9.30am – 5.30pm
Online Reviews1 Google reviews (Average rating: 4.0 / 5.0)

This store offers fire extinguishers for both domestic and commercial use, as well as a wide array of complementary tools such as dry and wet riser systems.

Beyond just selling equipment, they also offer services to ensure that products are professionally installed, inspected and maintained.

10. Lingjack Engineering Works Pte Ltd

Type of InformationDetails
Highlights– Provides fire extinguishers for residences and cars as well as an array of mobile and portable extinguishers
– Offers maintenance services and disposal services for old extinguishers
Address1 Woodlands Terrace, Lingjack Industrial Building, #03-01,
Singapore 738471
Email (For Enquiry)[email protected]
Contact Number+65 6759 4163
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
8am – 5.30pm

8am – 12pm
Online Reviews13 Google reviews (Average rating: 3.8 / 5.0)

This fire extinguisher provider offers a comprehensive range of fire fighting equipment that is tested and certified to meet international standards.

Apart from fire safety equipment, they also offer other life-saving tools such as defibrillators and also provide maintenance and disposal services.


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