9 Best Office Chairs in Singapore for Ultimate Style & Comfort [2022]

Productivity has never looked and feel so good – check out these 9 office chairs in Singapore to see what we mean!

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    With more of us working from home, this means spending more time stuck at our desks drafting emails and sitting through hours of Zoom meetings.

    Given that 8 in 10 Singaporeans now prefer to work from home and have flexible work arrangements, this also comes at a cost—lower back pains, neck aches and poor posture can easily override the benefits of typing away in your pyjamas.

    The good news is, investing in a good office chair has been shown to prevent chronic body pains and also boost productivity by giving you the extra support (no pun intended) you need to power through your day.

    If you are struggling to cut down on your choices, here are the 9 best office chairs in Singapore that might just be the perfect fit for you!

    1. Ergohuman Pro Mesh Chair 

    best office chairs in singapore_ergohuman pro mesh chair
    Type of Information Details
    Main Websitehttps://ergohuman.sg/
    Features & Highlights to Note– Height Adjustable Backrest with Automatic Flexible Lumbar Support
    – Comes with Headrest
    – Fully Automatic Weight Balance Mechanism
    – 5-year warranty
    – Free shipping in Singapore on all orders
    Best ForGood mid-range ergonomic chair
    Price $699
    Where To BuyErgohuman

    The Ergohuman Pro Mesh Chair is the perfect mix of design and technology: featuring ergonomic features including flex zones for proper back support and adjustable height and arm rests, it is ideal for sitting for long periods of time.

    The chairs are ISO 9001 certified and BIFMA tested to back its strength, stability and durability, and eco-conscious buyers will be glad to know that they are an environmentally friendly with an impressive 98% recyclability.

    Choose your favourite mesh, fabric or leather colours to match the polished aluminium frame and base, or consider upgrading to the Ergohuman Elite or Ergohuman Luxury if you want the option of more adjustments for a snug fit.

    On top of the great customer service, customers love the quality of the chair that comes with a friendly price tag!

    2. Ergotune Supreme

    best office chairs in singapore_ergotune supreme
    Type of Information Details
    Main Websitehttps://ergotune.com/
    Features & Highlights to Note– ATLAS – Auto Tuning Lumbar Area Support that automatically fits your lumbar spine’s natural curve
    – Crafted from a perfect 2:1 blend of fabric and polyester for better breathability and strength without compromising on comfort
    – TrueTilt Precision Recline Controls that allows you to precisely calibrate both recline angle and tension
    – TriTune 3D Support Headrest for better head, neck and upper spine support
    – GyroBrace 5D Armrest for full arm support
    – (Polyurethane)-coated castors that contain industrial-grade stainless steel ball bearings to prevent floor scratches
    – Free delivery on all items
    – Fuss-free 20 minutes assembly
    – 12-years warranty 
    Best For Best value for money ergonomic chair
    Price $599
    Where to BuyErgotune

    ErgoTune is under main company ErgoEdge—a local furniture maker that firmly believes in making quality ergonomic products accessible so that anyone can create an empowering workspace.

    Focusing on three key elements: ergonomics, quality and affordability, the ErgoTune Supreme is upgraded to have 11 adjustable points to fit your unique body shape and size.

    Each part is sourced from a different nation before finally being assembled, such as the made-in South Korea hydraulics system and unique mesh upholstery weaved in Germany for trusted durability that supports up to 250kg.

    If cost is a major factor for you, you can also consider the ErgoTune Classic ($399) which comes with less features.

    Customers mostly love how it offers plenty of adjustable points to cater to their exact requirements and fuss-free it was to assemble the chair. Due to its emphasis on lumbar support, those with back pains have found this chair extremely comfortable and have ended up buying another for their loved ones!

    3. NeueChairTM by Secretlab

    best office chairs in singapore_secretlab neuechair
    Type of Information Details
    Main Websitehttps://neuechair.com/
    Features & Highlights to Note– NeueMesh™ is a premium 3-layer mesh which has passed stringent tensile and tearing strength tests and is optimized for long hours of usage and comfortability
    – ControlShift™ adjustments allows for two easy ways to change the ergonomic level of the chair
    – Class IV hydraulic pistons with an extra layer of protection to further reinforce its long term durability.
    – PU-coated armrests that is specially designed with a slight concave for better grip
    – 65mm PU casters equipped with noise-reduction for smooth movement in all directions
    – Same-day delivery available
    – 12-Year Limited NeueChair Warranty 
    – Up to 49-day refund/return policy (T&C applies)
    Best ForFool-proof modern ergonomic chair
    Price $739
    Where to BuySecretlab

    Neue translates to ‘new movement’ in German, and stands for the brand’s belief in the new movement of computer chairs. If you are familiar with Secretlab, you will be glad to know that NeueChair is under the award-winning gaming chair company.

    The Neue team is focused on developing ergonomic office chairs and is engineering to be comfortable, fully ergonomic and intuitive to use; all combined into a modern and stylish design.

    The NeueChair is manufactured using a semi-automated assembly line with the support of German automotive engineers to maintain consistency. Choose from two options: the Silver comes with polished ADC12 Aluminium while the Obsidian ($839) offers further industrial plating of the aluminium frame to make it ultra-resistant to corrosion.

    If all else fails, you can always count on Secretlab Omega, the highly-raved gaming chair in Singapore that can also work as an office chair. 

    Customers have complimented the overall buying experience and particularly enjoy the cooling mesh that makes it comfortable for working at a desk all day. Many have also chosen it for its sleek and attractive design that adds a nice touch to their home office setup.

    4. Sihoo Ergonomic Chair M57

    best office chairs in singapore_sihoo ergonomic chair M57

    Type of Information 
    Main Websitehttps://www.sihoo.com/en/
    Features & Highlights to Note– The soft-feel mesh back provides full and even support that conforms to your body shape
    – Adjustable height, depth and lumbar support with a weight limit of 200kg
    – Adjustable head restraint for added neck support
    – 3D adjustable armrest for different office applications
    – 90°-120° arbitrary backrest adjustment for multiple work positions
    Best ForPeople with a tight budget
    Price $265
    Where to Buy Lazada

    With the aim of becoming the world’s most professional engineering furniture provider, Sihoo has already designed and developed a range of advanced engineering chairs and intelligent desks that caters to children, adults and the elderly.

    Taking medical research as design reference, they believe that sitting posture is closely related to health, and have conducted their own intensive research to determine what makes a good ergonomic chair.

    With a motto like “Sit well, think better”, Sihoo has managed to build a chair that strikes a good balance between the elements of a well-engineered chair and the people (office workers) that it is designed for.

    It’s hard to compare this chair to high-end ergonomic chairs like Herman Miller, but most customers find it comfortable and impressive enough for the price.

    5. TakeAseat.sg Sail Basic Ergonomic Chair

    best office chairs in singapore_takeaseat sail basic ergonomic chair
    Type of Information Details
    Main Websitehttps://www.takeaseat.sg/
    Features & Highlights to Note– High-quality mesh for ventilation suitable for the hot and humid climate in Singapore
    – Adjustable headrest and armrests that can be adjusted in multiple directions
    – Adjustable seat depth as well as adjustable backrest
    – Flexible 3D lumbar support moves when you sit
    – Lock & Rock mechanism for backrest tilt tension adjustment
    – 3-month instalments available with Hoolah 
    – 2 year warranty against mechanism (+ $80 for additional 3-year warranty)
    Best ForGreat everyday chair
    Price $449
    Where to Buy TakeAseat.sg

    The Sail Basic Ergonomic Chair is takeAseat.sg’s flagship, award-winning ergonomic chair that offers several adjustable features and designs that make it fit for many home and office spaces. 

    Featuring an aluminium frame and Class 3 hydraulic gas lift that provides stability and durability, the chair carries a maximum weight load up to 120kg.

    Designed to be an everyday chair, it can be easily adjusted to fit different body shapes and sizes, such as the unique flexible lumbar support with a wide seat and wide backrest that ensures maximum comfort while removing pressure.

    As Singapore’s leading ergonomic-friendly furniture provider with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, their trusted clientele includes big names like ASUS, SMRT, Singapore Post and NUH.

    Customers love the versatility of the chair that is great for both gaming or working from home for hours on end. Many have even returned to purchase an ergonomic desk from them!

    6. TakeAseat.sg J30 Office Chair

    best office chairs in singapore_takeaseat J30 office chair
    Type of Information Details
    Main Websitehttps://www.takeaseat.sg/
    Features & Highlights to Note– Height-adjustable headrest and armrests
    – Height-adjustable lumbar support that provides comfortable support for your back
    – Lock & Rock mechanism
    – Maximum weight of 90kg
    – 6 months warranty against mechanism
    Best ForBest ergonomic chair under $200
    Price $119
    Where to Buy TakeAseat.sg

    Also by TakeAseat.sg is the J30 office chair, an even more budget-friendly option for those who are looking for an entry-range, high back office chair with ergonomic features.

    Possessing many similar features as the Sail Basic Ergonomic Chair, the J30 is an amazing and affordable version for those who aren’t ready to whip out $500 on an office chair just yet.

    Despite not having the most “premium” ergonomic features in this list, the majority of customers are happy with the quality of the chair that feels stable, sturdy and comfortable for everyday use.

    7. APOL Kraken

    best office chairs in singapore_apol kraken
    Type of Information Details
    Main Websitehttps://apol.sg/
    Features & Highlights to Note– Signature CloudTech® Foam for a comforting hugging sensation that helps you stay cool
    – Breathable PU Leather specially designed with the intention of allowing airflow through the pores for ventilation
    – High-quality upholstery to provide smooth texture without compromising durability
    – 4D adjustable Armrests and multi-functional tilt mechanism with the option to lock it in position.
    – Add-ons such as premium pillows that are designed to enhance relief and minimize pressure on the whole body at ergonomic zones
    – Complimentary Arc-Of-Life chiropractic consultation with every purchase (valid for three months from date of purchase)
    – 2-year warranty
    Best For Body-hugging and cooling comfort
    Price $379
    Where to Buy APOL

    Designed by a team of local product designers with years of experience in providing comfort to customers, the Kraken is a result of intensive research and continuous development by the R&D team at APOL.

    Having tested 20 different prototypes to ensure their chairs are of the highest quality possible, each chair caters to different sitting postures—the Kraken is for individuals who are particular about sitting posture and quality.

    Interestingly, a 2020 survey of APOL chair product owners showed that 77% of APOL users experienced an increase in work productivity after sitting on their chairs!

    Customers love how comfy and robust the build feels and are impressed by both the aesthetics and functionality of the chair, with some of them using it for afternoon naps too!

    8. Herman Miller Aeron Remastered

    best office chairs in singapore_herman miller aeron remastered
    Type of Information Details
    Main Websitehttps://www.hermanmiller.com/en_apc/
    Features & Highlights to Note– Pellicle allows air, body heat and water vapour to pass through the seat and backrest to help maintain even and comfortable skin temperatures
    PostureFit SL helps stabilize the sacrum and support the lumbar region of the spine to mimic the healthy standing position
    Today’s slimmer, updated tilt mechanism delivers an even more seamless experience of movement (and stasis) to the sitter through a smoother trajectory and optimal balance point.
    – Cross-performance design accommodates a wide range of activities and postures people adopt while working
    – Environmentally sensitive design
    – 3 different chair sizes for different body sizes
    – 12-year Warranty
    Best For High-end ergonomic chair with state-of-the-art features
    Price $1,790
    Where to Buy Lazada

    Herman Miller is a name that has become synonymous with “modern” furniture and is the epitome of luxurious, innovative and quality ergonomic chairs in the 20th century

    First designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick in 1994, the Aeron chair has since been remastered in 2016 to meet today’s modern work requirements.

    Based on the latest research around the science of sitting and advancements in materials, manufacturing and technology—the Aeron Remastered features a more refined tilt mechanism, adjustable PostureFit SL and 8Z Pellicle suspension for better all-around performance and sitting experience.

    Customers rave about the workmanship, quality materials and premium finishings, and how it offers various sizes and adjustments to cater to their body type. To maximize your experience, many have also recommended pairing your purchase with the headrest.

    9. V.HIVE Libra Office Chair

    best office chairs in singapore_vhive libra office chair
    Type of Information Details
    Main Websitehttps://shopee.sg/product/161709204/9502937288?smtt=802.26
    Features & Highlights to Note– Material made with a combination of fabric and mesh
    – Fixed armrest
    – Chromebase
    – Safety Brake Castor
    Best For Minimalists
    Price $149
    Where to Buy Shopee

    V.HIVE’s Libra Office Chair comes in a stylish grey design made with a combination of fabric and mesh that will complement anywhere it is placed perfectly.


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    We hope that this guide will be useful in helping you to make an informed decision when it comes to finding the best office chairs in Singapore.

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