4 Types of Intents for Website Strategy

Why do you need a website? Have you thought about what is your website strategy before you get started on web design?

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Effective Website Strategy Starts From Knowing Your Business Intentions

Have you thought about why do you need a website for your business?

It is important to establish the ‘why’ before you start to embark on designing and developing your website so you can focus your resources (time & money) on what really matters.

Try not to follow the simple notion of ‘oh, everyone got a website, so I need to have a website’.

Every website needs to have a strategic objective, even if it is a simple one.

From our experience, there are a few strategic intents that business owners usually want for their websites.

strategic intent behind a website
There can be many strategic intents behind a website

Website Intent #1: Establish Credibility for Offline Contacts/Leads

This group of business owners are highly dependent on offline business development activities and networking referrals for more businesses.

Usually, contacts that they met offline will go online to understand more about what the businesses do.

Therefore, the website strategy is for them to look credible from the web front, be very clear in the scope of services or products they offer, portfolio, and testimonials.

Website Intent #2: Obtain Business Leads from the Internet

This group of business owners is highly dependent on internet leads through their websites as compared to their offline marketing activities.

They usually will spend significant resources on Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media marketing.

It is therefore important for them to build websites that have high conversion rates so their investment in digital marketing to drive in traffic can be maximized to the greatest potential. The websites should be able to promote trust, and clarity of their offerings so customers have the confidence to make a buying decision.

Website Intent #3: Improve the Perception of Establishment

This point may be slightly related to the first point of establishing credibility.

This unique requirement happens when the business owners are looking out for potential partnerships with bigger companies, investments, or even opportunities for selling the businesses.

In this case, it is important for the websites to make the businesses look “more established and authoritative” with a solid team, credentials, customer base, and workflows.

Website Intent #4: Attracting Good Staff

This group of business owners is usually in line with providing services.

Having good staff members are critical to their business success.

In this situation, it will be best to create website content that focuses on selling the lifestyle, the belief, and the benefits of the companies.

Deciding Strategic Strategy and Purpose For Your Website

At this stage, it will be ideal to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how your website will work for you and your business as a total strategy.

It is not ideal to chase technology that does not wrap around the business.

At the end of the day, you may find that the cost of setting up your website is more of an expense rather than an investment.

Only when you truly understand your website strategy, you will then know how to play your chips, hire the right web designers and make your website an asset.

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