Safeguard Your Valuable Data Against Encryption-based Ransomware

You may pay a ransom yet not get your data back.

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Last Updated on November 24th, 2020

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… 96% of organisations in Singapore have encountered a form of cyber-attack in the past year…

From the evolving methods of attacks to the improved coordination between cyber-criminals, cyber-attacks are getting more sophisticated. As cyber-security measurements become more robust and employees more capable of identifying and avoiding cyber-attacks, it is inevitable that perpetrators would have to better their techniques. This is becoming increasingly alarming as a recent threat report has shared that 96% of organisations in Singapore have encountered a form of cyber-attack in the past year, with breaches to the cloud being one of the common forms of attacks. This places companies, of all sizes and industries, at equal risk of losing their data to malicious entities.

With no room for complacency, businesses should start by establishing a proper data protection strategy with the appropriate solutions and best practices to mitigate and minimise disruptions from such cyber-threats to their operations.

What is encryption-based ransomware?

… [data breaches result in] massive loss of revenues and ultimately, customer’s trust.

As the name would suggest, encryption-based ransomware refers to malicious software that cybercriminals use to encrypt files stored on computers and across the network, in return for a pay-off. Once the data is compromised, there is no guarantee of retrieving it despite paying the attackers ransom. Without the right security solutions in place, such attacks have the potential to drastically cripple business operations, resulting in massive loss of revenues and ultimately, customer’s trust. In this evolving threat landscape, it is important for business leaders to start including an additional layer of countermeasures to safe keep their company’s data.

Add countermeasures to fortify security for your data

While it is crucial to invest in robust security solutions to reduce the risk of cyber-security threats, the other key element that has been disregarded by many is a proper data management strategy. An established data management strategy will allow the restoration of lost data, enabling operations to run seamlessly should incidents occur. It is recommended for businesses to set up a comprehensive data backup infrastructure with flexible and rapid restore options, to ensure that IT admins can quickly and accurately restore workloads as well as previous versions of the infected files.

Backup your data the right way

Although investments in data recovery and data backup solutions can provide the benefits of extended service uptime and data autonomy during an attack, maintaining a proper data management infrastructure may be daunting to some.

With that, here are some features that businesses should look out for when acquiring a backup suite.

Central management

… backup suites… with a centralised management capability… back up hundreds of computers, servers, or virtual machines all from one server.

Many backup suites offer businesses with a centralised management capability that enables IT administrators to back up hundreds of computers, servers, or virtual machines all from one server. This provides businesses with greater visibility and faster recovery of their data. As an added benefit, businesses will not only free time and resources but also save their IT administrators the effort of setting up devices one by one.

Global deduplication

The phrase ‘the more the merrier’ does not apply to data storage. While it is common for the same data to be saved across multiple devices and platforms, backing up of data from these devices will only consume unnecessary storage space. To avoid that, businesses can look at acquiring a backup suite that offers a built-in global deduplication technology to ensure that only a single version of any repeated data is being saved and recorded. With the exponential growth of data, a feature like this will prove to be requisite in helping businesses save storage capacity, reduce resource consumption and most importantly, minimise spending.

there is no all-encompassing solution that will enable them to fully protect their data.

Bare-metal backup and recovery

With bare-metal restore (BMR), IT administrators can completely restore the entire environment, applications, settings and data on computers and servers should a cyber-attack occur.

Diversify your security solutions

The importance of data management for cyber-security has been underestimated by businesses over the years. With the emergence of new cyber threats, one must understand that there is no all-encompassing solution that will enable them to fully protect their data. Therefore, businesses are encouraged to diversify their security solutions with added countermeasures to safeguard and maximise the uptime of services and operations, starting with proper data management.

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